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Hello dear breeders and dyers,

this is not an emergency, so I am writing here - I hope this is okay.

I "dyed" with henna three days ago, the result is zero! ] (*,)
I would like to mention that I have been dyeing (t) henna with henna for about 24 years, and this has never happened so far, i.e. it has always worked fine (regardless of the type and with which additives).

The data:
- Hennedrog Hennà © natural chestnut 2 x 90 g
- consists of chestnut powder, indigo and henna (Lawson)
- Expiration date until 2014
- prepared with some lukewarm black tea and lukewarm water
- Wash your hair before the hens
- Henna applied immediately after stirring together
- Plastic bag and towel around your head
- Contact time 2 hours
- After dyeing hair, just rinse out with water and allow to dry
- Do not wash until the third day.

What I don't understand at all: Two years ago I had already used the same Hennedrog color on my natural hair color and it colored wonderfully (1 hour exposure time). Now I have a approach of about 13 cm in my natural color (very dark ash blonde).

The really only difference to all previous colors is that I used to not pay attention to silicone-free shampoo, i.e. I used silicone shampoos for sure. But it completely contradicts my ideas that Sili could favor henna dyeing. I think the opposite is true.

Theory 1: My hair wants to make it clear to me that it no longer wants to be colored.
Theory 2: The henna was disk paste.

Will go to the health food store to complain and ask for my money back. The stupid thing is that there is only one health food chain here and that this is the only henna available there without picramates ... great organic. : deadly:

Did I do something wrong? Has it ever happened that the henna stains badly?

I would very much like to know what you think about it.

Well, wanted to go back to natural hair color anyway, only get a hair dye fever every month, this time I couldn't resist. : whistle:

Greetings to everyone -


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