Why did my creativity stagnate


“Seeing creativity in yourself is an art.Anyone who draws from it is an artist. "

Wilma Eudenbach

The value creativity could also be paraphrased with the words “creative power” or “ingenuity”. The opposite of creativity = "unimaginative" or "stagnation".

Creativity, is often only ascribed to artists or people with outstanding talents. Based on the above quote, someone is an artist who is aware of his own creativity and gives it expression. Everyone has the gift of being creative!

Creativity and I - I live a creative one

Each person leaves an individual trace through words, gestures, actions and ideas. To understand yourself as a creative and active co-creator of life and to give it conscious expression means to live according to the intended purpose.

Creativity for the neighbor - I share mine with you


Giving yourself away generously and creatively means openness and flexibility. It shows a willingness to see / experience anew and not to stagnate due to prepackaged opinions. It means to honor the uniqueness of life through creative vitality.

Creativity in life situations - I choose the active way

Life never means standing still! Many challenges, demands, but also seemingly uniform daily grind are challenging. You can make a choice and either react passively and see yourself as a victim of the circumstances. Or give expression to life and choose the active and creative path. The way of the artist!