Are the people in Santa Barbara CA friendly

10 great reasons to love Santa Barbara

Beautiful scenery, laid-back, good-humored locals and a great atmosphere - Santa Barbara is one of the most popular places in Southern California for good reason. When it comes to the city's oceanfront location, Santa Barbara gives you a front-row seat without the crowds that other Southern California areas attract. Although there is a lot to see and do here, the place has the typical small-town charm.

1. Sunshine all year round

The most obvious bonus to living in southern California? The sun shines here all year round! And Santa Barbara is practically the prime example of the sunny earthly paradise. If you've ever lived somewhere where the winters are really harsh, you will surely appreciate it.

2. Ocean views everywhere

As any influencer on Instagram would explain to you - the right location is everything. And this location always offers you the perfect view of the Pacific Ocean. Do you want to go surfing or do you prefer to go to a diving station? It doesn't take 20 minutes to get in the water. But you don't necessarily have to ins Sea to the location at the To enjoy the sea. This sea view is also a wonderful backdrop for parties, picnics or a leisurely jaunt along the coast.

3. Amusement parks

One of Southern California's most beloved traits is its obvious predilection for funky amusement parks. They're a staple of California culture, and Santa Barbara is close to several great parks. You can spend a day at Disney or book a tour of Universal's film studios. One hour's drive takes you to Six Flags Magic Mountain and two to Knott’s Berry Farm. And if you're already thinking about a weekend getaway, you can drive down to San Diego to see SeaWorld or the world-famous zoo.

4. Southern California slang

Among the US dialects, the Californian accent is arguably the easiest to identify. You are used to it from many TV series and films and have probably heard the typical slang of the region that goes along with it. For example, I never say that I'm looking forward to something or that I'm excited, so excited - instead I say: I'm stoked. If you don't work too well under pressure, we mean: You're coming through the clutch. And then sometimes we also pull words together so that it no longer means: I'm trying to do something, rather I'm tryna do. After a week or two you'll get the hang of it and start talking like you're from here.

5. Weekend getaways

While if you live in Los Angeles you might like to go on a relaxing weekend trip to Santa Barbara every now and then, the residents of the smaller town can basically go anywhere in California for the weekend because the location is so convenient. Two hours from L.A. and equidistant from San Francisco and Las Vegas, you can plan a number of incredible weekends!

6. Warm, carefree residents

Santa Barbara people are friendly neighbors who make you feel instantly involved. You will quickly ask yourself if you haven't always belonged here. First of all, there is the casual style that is typical for surfers, plus this ease of handling. They value a healthy but carefree life, and this positive attitude can be found in practically every aspect of everyday life.

7. The flavors of the west coast

The good food is of course also worth mentioning. After all, the famous cook Julia Child lived here in old age. As one of America's most celebrated chefs, the community was especially pleased to have such an admired woman among them, who also used her fame to promote her favorite local restaurants. Most of them were the unforgettable Mexican eateries along Milpas Street.

8. Small town yet cool

Santa Barbara is one of the most famous travel destinations in the so-called Golden State, but the city still manages to appear cozy and inviting, even for tourists. The city may lack the pop culture references and the hype that is made around San Francisco or Los Angeles, but Santa Barbara looks more real.

9. Love of architecture

If you have a taste similar to mine, then you really appreciate the beautiful architecture of an area. The buildings in Santa Barbara do not disappoint in any way. Perfectly manicured gardens and houses in the Spanish colonial style determine the tidy, photogenic aesthetics of the area.

10. Welcome to the Funk zone

If you are looking for fun weekend activities, I recommend the hippest area of ​​Santa Barbara. The Funk Zone is home to galleries, shops, wine tasting venues and trendy cafes. Wherever you look, there is always something cool to discover.