Can you be generous enough

There is always enough - of generosity and care

This Sunday it was all about money and supplies. And about the fact that we are family - not biologically, but we were put together by God as a church family. Family is not always easy, we know that, and yet we are there for one another and share life. Growth is important to us as a church. For us personally, so that each one grows, and also for us as a church. That's why we're changing.

In his sermon, Clemens spoke about nine theses on the subject of care and generosity:

1. Everything belongs to God

In the beginning of the world there was nothing. God created this world and it was by His word. We humans sometimes forget that everything has a beginning. That we don't live out of ourselves. What we have and develop, everything comes from what God has already created. You might be thinking, “But I worked for it. That's unfair, I made an effort. It's mine! ”Or“ I got that as a gift, it's mine! ”- God challenges these sentences. We are administrators. Everything in this world belongs to God, but he employs us to handle it well.

2. God was, is and remains the most generous person in the universe

At the beginning of the world God also creates man and gives him the task of administering his property well and correctly. He shares responsibility. He is a generous God who likes to share. He starts this world by giving you and me responsibility.

3. Because God is generous, we should be generous

God loves the lifestyle of generosity, and he seeks us as his counterparts in order to be shaped by him and to further develop what he gives us.

"Love God with all of your being, and love your neighbor as yourself," says the Bible. Love doesn't just mean emotions. Maybe you only loved God with your emotions so far. But, if God loves us as a whole personality, it means that we should be generous with all our resources and also be generous with ourselves. How are you towards yourself Friendly and open? Or do you deny yourself good? You can be generous to yourself!

4. You do not provide for yourself, but God provides for you.

Jesus talks a lot about money. Because money is always an issue. We think about it and ask ourselves how we will be cared for tomorrow. We don't need to worry about that. You shouldn't give up all responsibility, but you don't have to break yourself for money either, because you know: there is someone who takes care of you. Jesus says, “Look at the birds! They do not sow and do not harvest and yet they are taken care of! ". He speaks as a role model about how we should live. Do you trust in his supply?

What are you worried about with your life? Most of the time they paralyze us or we work more and more without achieving more.

And then there is the dichotomy between what we need and what we want. That's a difference. Because we are often not satisfied with what we have. Be grateful for what you have. God provides you. Gratitude is an important key.

5. Giving is what makes life happy and fulfilling.

Jesus says that giving is more blissful and makes you happier than receiving. Why is that? Why does it make your heart happier when you give up? This is because you are in the image of God. Because God shares and loves to give, we enjoy giving when we give. It is also a practical step to show that I trust in God's supply. The first church shared everything. We read about it in the Acts of the Apostles. They shared everything and were an attractive congregation.

And: Sharing makes you free - because when you share, you learn to let go and trust God.

6. We reap what we sow.

If it is sown, it will bring fruit and harvest (2 Cor. 9: 6). Whoever sows a lot will also reap a lot. The text also says that we should not give God under duress. Isn't that cool !? So is God! He says: “Your heart is more important to me than anything you give. I want you to be free, happy and happy to give. "

He will generously give you what you need. Whoever gives a lot will also get a lot.

7. The way we deal with money shows our character

Money is tricky. It promises you security and identity and opportunities. But it doesn't help you. As soon as you get sick, for example, you will notice this very quickly: Money alone will not help you. Money also doesn't help with arguments or injuries from other people.

Jesus promises you identity and security and opportunities. With the difference that HE can keep his promises.

How do you handle your money? Are you incorporating God's concerns into your financial planning? Do you ask him what to do with your money? God cares about your heart. Your character that aligns with him.

8. You can only find real treasures in the

Collect sky

Jesus says: “Where your treasure is, there is your heart too.” It is about eternity. Not about the here and now. Time on earth is fleeting. But eternity is waiting for you. What you collect here stays here. Your possessions cannot do anything for your life. It doesn't change your eternity.

9. Give to the place that provides you spiritually

The church is repeatedly described in the Bible as the communion of saints. Church is important to God and he finds it central as a community - he calls it his bride. Jesus worries about the care of his bride.

The church always has a mission, no matter how it is organized: it is to bring people into encounter with God. And she should be provided for in order to be able to carry out her mission. In the Bible people give their tithes / 10% of their property, their income.

So that the community is supplied, people are needed who contribute financially. Here we are spiritually supplied - and we invest through prayer, cooperation and finances.

So again to summarize:

God challenges us to give and share. Everything belongs to him! He is and remains the most generous person. And because he is generous, we should be generous too. He cares! You don't need to worry because he takes care of you. Don't believe the lie that by creating more you will have more. Giving is what makes a happy and fulfilling life. We will reap what we sow. It's not about our money, but about our heart. On him and yours

Character shows how you handle money. Don't forget: you can only collect real treasures in heaven. You cannot take anything from your material possessions with you into eternity. And: give to the place that provides you spiritually. Because your community should be provided for so that it can live its mission in the best possible way.

Money is never an easy subject. That is why it is all the more important that we talk about it and reflect on how we actually deal with money for our own lives. Do I like to give? Do I like to be generous or do I find it really difficult? The theses should help you to think about how you deal with money and how important it is in your life.

Do you want to hear the whole thing again in more detail? You can also find the sermon on the website so that you can listen to it. And if you notice that individual points are moving: talk to God about it, or with friends and exchange ideas about how you want to grow and experience change in this area of ​​your life.


The sermon can be heard in our sermon archive. Text: Rebekka