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Château Petrus: How does a wine for 2495 euros taste?

For decades, Holger Kreitling has longed for a bottle of Château Petrus. Or not - the price gave him a pang of conscience. Now he has finally managed to buy the wine and invite two friends to try it. An evening full of big questions and last wishes, photographed by Massimo Rodari.

The idea

I can't say when exactly it was, 15 years ago? Or was it 20? In any case, Gerold and I were sitting in Hesse, drinking red wine and talking about life dreams, realistic and unrealizable. Travel to America once by ship. Fly into space. Such things. And Gerold said, glass in hand: “I think that once in a lifetime you should drink a bottle of Château Petrus.” To know what it tastes like. I said yes, good idea. We wanted to share the bottle with four people, 500 marks for each. Really a long time ago. We didn't know then that 2,000 marks would have been very cheap for Peter.

The cork

And now this bottle of Château Petrus from 1986 is in front of us in the kitchen, the corkscrew is ready. In the afternoon, Gerold, an architect, and Arno, a physiotherapist, came to Berlin by train from Hesse.

We are three old friends in our early 50s. We want to drink Peter. After all this years. The search. Of procrastination. The uncertainty as to whether this is really correct, or not rather obscene, to actually drink such a bottle instead of storing it and reselling it at an even higher price, as many believe.