What color can match the gray-green combination

Which color goes with gray? Experts give advice

Does gray look boring? Not guaranteed with the tips of our experts for a successful color combination

In our new series, we ask interior designers and color consultants to give us their insider tips for successful color combinations in the apartment. This time the focus is on the color gray. Three experts explain how to furnish gray rooms and answer the question: Which colors go well with gray?
Gray is a popular and timeless interior color. Combined with white and wood tones, the result is a subtle and unobtrusive look. However, gray is also one of the few tones that can be combined with strong and delicate colors and used in any interior design style. But which colors go well with gray? Juana Fritsch from Raumkonzepte, Maj van der Linden from Vintagency, and the interior designer Karin Götz reveal which combinations they prefer to use.
Combine gray and blue
“Gray is an achromatic color, the effect of which is usually described as boring, inconspicuous, reserved but also objective, functional and serious. With these properties, it is the perfect background for strong colors, ”says Juana Fritsch. “A harmonious color combination is gray and blue. In this example, the gray wall in the background creates the connection between the white surfaces of the room and the dark blue sofa. The color scheme looks open, light and bright. Blue and gray is a nice combination, but it can also look cool. You can create a cozy and friendly atmosphere with additional brightly colored accents like those found here in the carpet. "
Maj van der Linden from Vintagency also thinks: “Gray and blue are always a good team. It's a classic and timeless color combination that creates a nautical look. Gray and blue support each other in their effect and do not steal the show. While gray alone appears dreary, blue brings freshness to the room. Together, the colors can appear a bit cool depending on the gradation. Wood and natural materials provide more warmth in the room. "

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Furnish with gray and pink
Although shades of gray work well with many colors, it is not that easy to combine gray effectively. Interior designer Karin Götz advises: “As a rather romantic color, pink goes perfectly with gray, which softens its factual, cool look. In return, the pink tones lose their sometimes kitschy undertone. This contrast makes the combination of gray and pink very interesting for interior design. Gray also allows many companions - because as a so-called "non-color" it is a restrained basis and can support almost all common living trends. "

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“Pink is an optimistic-positive color that is often associated and used with femininity due to its gentleness - but only since the twenties of the last century, keyword:“ girl's room ”. In the Art Nouveau era and later in Art Deco, this color combination was often used in an attempt to depict floral and natural ornaments, ”says Karin Götz.
Living with gray and purple
Another good team is gray and purple. The colors are mostly used in living rooms and bedrooms. “For me, gray and purple are the most beautiful color combinations. It looks very noble and elegant, ”says Juana Fritsch from Raumkonzepte. "Gray and purple also quickly upgrade less noble materials and furniture and ensure a glamorous design."
Combine gray and orange
"As warm and atmospheric colors, terracotta orange tones go particularly well with neutral gray tones, because this gives them a harmonious, stimulating atmosphere," says Karin Götz. “Gray has a restrained and puristic color effect in the interior. Almost all other colors are enhanced in their color effect even on small areas in combination with gray. "
“Orange in its various tones is equated with happiness, youth, lust and joy. If the color moves in the terracotta area, often referred to as the Mediterranean style, it has an invigorating and communicative effect. In the 1970s, orange was already a widespread fashion color for interiors and product design. We fondly remember the famous rotary phone and wallpapers with psychedelic circular patterns, ”says Götz.
Decorate with gray and yellow
Maj van der Linden recommends the high-contrast color combination of gray and yellow: “Contrasting gray with a strong yellow creates great tension. The combination may seem rather daring at first. So that it does not look striking, you have to introduce breaks and the two-tone color must not be drawn through too stringently. "

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Vintagency also combined the colors gray and yellow in one of their projects: “In this bedroom we used a shade of gray with green and blue components. We countered this with a warm yellow in the bedspread and orange tones in Matthias Heiderich's architectural photography, ”says Maj van der Linden. “The gray tone has a special depth due to the blue and green components. The yellow-orange glows and radiates warmth. So that the color combination looks cozy, pillows and accessories in various beige and gray tones are important. "