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1 Tashira Tachi-ren The light body process 12 steps from the dense to the light body Turning of times in the cells Channeled by Archangel Ariel Edition Star Prince The increase in vibration of the earth and its inhabitants not only affects the consciousness of the person, but also transforms his physical body. Archangel Ariel describes in this book the twelve stages of the Light Body Process "and gives explanations for the various physical symptoms that can occur. Ariel gives us powerful tools to help us in this time of transition. This book is the ideal complement for that Handbook for Ascension "by Tony Stubbs.

2 As you are reading this, from our perspective you are a lightworker. And you have a job to do. You came here to help planet earth transition into light. This book introduces you to a model that describes what is going on in this lightbody process on the planet and within yourself. It is important that the information in this book is disseminated because fear is very strong right now, especially in the physical and mental bodies. If you know what is going on with you and that it is part of a process, you will feel less 'crazy'. "ARIEL A must read for every lightworker!" TONY STUBBS ISBN Edition Star Prince by HANS NIETSCH VERLAG The techniques and processes described in this book were created for the integration of spiritual light. This information is in no way intended to be medical advice. If you suffer from the symptoms described here, please consult a doctor! From the American by Hans-Jürgen Maurer Title of the original edition: What is Lightbody? 1990, 1995 by Tashira Tachi-ren All rights reserved Translation rights arranged with Oughten House Publications, Livermore, CA., USA German edition: 1998 by Hans-Nietsch-Verlag All rights reserved 1st edition 4/98 2nd edition 7/98 3rd edition 10/98 4th edition 4/00 Binding: Trisign-Kommunikation using an illustration by Hans Georg Leiendecker Typesetting and interior design: Hans-Nietsch-Verlag Editing: Kirsten Kretschmer Edition Star Prince at Hans-Nietsch-Verlag, Poststr. 3, D Freiburg sternenprinz s; Internet: Publisher Hans-Jürgen Maurer ISBN CONTENTS Digitized 2003 in Hamburg Foreword by the channel Foreword to the American new edition A parable Introduction by Archangel Ariel What is the light body? 1. The dimensions 2. Your body 3. Your chakra activation 1. The first light body level 2. The second light body level 3. The third light body level 4. The fourth light body level 5. The fifth light body level 6. The sixth light body level 7. The seventh light body level

3 8. The eighth light body level 9. The ninth light body level 10. The tenth light body level 11. The eleventh light body level 12. The twelfth light body level Questions and Answers DEDICATION 1. Breaking the vows 2. Help, I mutate! ": What you can do 3 The essences 4. The invocations The lightworkers who follow the SPIRIT with every breath and every step, who embody divinity and want to live heaven on earth, who devote themselves to joyful service, grim wholeness, impeccability and cosmic wit engage in a vision of planetary ascension that is gentle, elegant, ecstatic and incredibly fun. Hurray! CHANNEL FOREWORD The information in this book is meant to be understood as a model or just a different opinion. It is impossible, the truth to express in an earthly language. One can only describe realities. Since there is no absolute reality, for me reality "is more of a ver b as a noun. It is a constantly shifting and changing co-creation of intersecting, individual and highly unique realities. I choose to live in a reality in which planet earth will ascend into the dimensions of light through joy and laughter. No channel is one hundred percent accurate because the channeled material has to pass the filter of human perception. If any of the statements in this book feel true to you, then your truth has been struck. If not, it is just another opinion that you can lovingly send back to the universe. My workgroup and I would like to ask you not to make me, Ariel or any other channeled entity an authority outside of yourself. You are the only authority that decides what is "true" and "real" in your life. There are 383 ascending planets in five local universes. One of these planets is the earth. As a lightworker, you have probably incarnated on all of these other planets as well. Our incarnations form the connective tissue between universes, stars and planets. We help coordinate various planetary ascension programs and support the merging of the different universes into one. I am a channel for higher beings of light and have consciously merged with them. I expand my consciousness multidimensionally and become one with the size of my own SPIRIT. From here, I merge with my workgroup, which consists of twenty-four beings of light, and we channel information through mine

4 physical bodies. As you can imagine, this is a very special experience. My relationship with the crew, "as I like to call my working group, is that of an equal. We are co-creative masters and beings of light, and we see you as light masters too. On this team, Archangel Ariel is the light body theorist". He formulates the light body process and designs models, technologies and meditations to support ascension on all levels. As an embodied aspect of the group, I am the channel for the group energies and a practicing light body technician. The information in this book is Ariel's model. The material was developed in small seminars between 1987 and 1990, it was written down, edited and printed, updated in 1993, revised and recorded on audio cassette. Ariel and I contributed information to this issue. We hope that this book can be a useful and joyful road map for you "in the light body process. This edition also contains the little booklet Invocations". Since its publication in 1989, we have learned from many lightworkers that they love these 33 poems very much and read them daily. The invocations were created by different members of the crew and as you read them you will feel the different vibrations. May your journey into the light be a path of joy. From the source, in service to the source Tashira Tachi-ren FOREWORD TO AMERICAN REVISION On May 30, 1994, there was a dramatic change in the Divine Plan for planet Earth, the entire schedule for planetary ascension accelerated, and in early June 1994 many of you witnessed the rise of intense fear of survival, enemy patterns, and ancient images of reality. These energies came from your genetic coding. It was as if God had reached into your bodies and rooted out the fear and feeling of separation. This may have caused old physical trauma or illness to return for a short time. Time quickened, and many of you feel frustrated thinking of unfinished projects, the levels that are described in this light body model are still valid. Going through these mutation phases can take years or even a few minutes - depending on the will of the spirit. These levels are not a measure of personal spiritual development. Your mind determines which light body level currently best corresponds to your divine structure, your incarnation grid within the hologram and what serves the planetary ascent. In reality, the Lightbody is about the evolution of this species and the collective service of all life. If you could look at this planet from the perspective of your oversoul, you would grasp the entire alpha-omega cycle, from its beginning to its end in the future. ”Also, you could see trillions of parallel realities across space are incarnated parts of the Oversouls and have many simultaneous lives in the web of space and time, we call this the holographic grid of your incarnations.

5 From the oversoul perspective, all of these incarnations are happening now. They are coordination points to restructure the hologram of this planetary game of separation. The entire space / time construction is contained in a membrane that we call a holographic bubble. This bubble of three-dimensional realities is already three-quarters of the way through the fourth dimension behind it and continues to rise rapidly. The bladder collapses and dissolves, causing all kinds of reactions in people. A parabola Imagine a spherical, sealed aquarium that stands in another, much larger aquarium. The fish in the large aquarium can look into the ball, but the fish in the ball cannot look outside. The crystal ball is their only reality. The large aquarium is filled with salt water, which is home to many beautiful species of anemones, crabs and fish. The sealed sphere, on the other hand, is filled with fresh water and goldfish live in it. Suddenly a process begins by which the glass of the sphere becomes thinner and thinner. Small amounts of salt water seep through, and the goldfish need to evolve quickly to cope with this change. As the glass thins, the goldfish begin to catch glimpses of the creatures in the large aquarium. Some goldfish mistake the other fish for their enemies and bravely try to protect their ball from the impending invasion. They think the anemones are bad and accuse other goldfish of being affected by them. These goldfish hide their own fear, but project fear into their surroundings. Other goldfish suspect that the fish in the aquarium have been controlling the glass ball and its inhabitants for a long time. They see themselves and the other goldfish as helpless victims. They believe that the creatures on the other side of the glass are holding them captive only to eat them one day. And since the crystal ball is now dissolving more and more, they face every new day with great fear. Some goldfish see the fish on the other side of the glass as holy, almighty gods. In doing so, they completely give up their own inner authority and commute back and forth between extremes of feeling. At one point they feel they are chosen, at other times as unworthy and worthless. They try to interpret hidden messages from their masters "and base their actions and beliefs on them. They swim back and forth in the sphere and cause many air bubbles, but no lasting effects. Some of the goldfish consider these other creatures to be brothers and are amazed the incredible variations the "Big Fish" uses to express itself. They follow the spirit of the Big Fish with every gill and fin and feel ecstatic as they slowly prepare to swim in larger bodies of water soon. So the holographic sphere is collapsing, causing massive parallel mergers at times - sometimes tens of thousands per minute. Linear time also gradually dissolves and develops in the direction of a simultaneous time structure (Infinite NOW). The linear space expands and develops into the simultaneous space (Infinite Presence). Parallel mergers are often irritating because dizziness, shaking fits, blurred vision and breaks in continuity appear. When it turned out that the parallel fusions in mid-October 1994 the light body levels of the people

6 and would be so intense that the ball could collapse, an experiment was started. We stimulated the complex standing waves of the subatomic structures so that they could accept the standing waves from higher dimensions. This enabled the subatomic wave motions to be synchronized in separate parallels in such a way that they became controlled interference patterns. The result was a l The physical phenomenon of standing waves is fully explained in Tony Stubbs' Guide to Ascent. mild intensification of manifested light and gentle elimination of disturbances. The holographic sphere was not destabilized, but strengthened. This means that the ultimate breakdown will be much gentler. We will synchronize the complex standing waves of this reality first with those of the higher astral plane and then with those of the higher dimensions. The dimensional transitions will then be less of a shocking and more of a dream-like experience. We still think that everyone will feel the change. In the middle of October, the majority of lightworkers entered the tenth light body level without the usual fuss, and the normal population entered the eighth. Many (including Tachi-ren) have complained that this change "took place without fireworks. We too would like people to feel when something changes. Our main goal is not to destabilize the sphere prematurely, but we will." nevertheless try to intensely experience future mergers. As the SPIRIT repositions you in relation to ascension, many of you feel that you have completed your work on this level. If you allow old forms and models to slowly fall away from you, new forms will develop. You may find that you have become much more expressive or creative. There are two sentences that summarize what most of you are feeling: I just want to have some fun, and I'm sure not that only one, "and bring it up, don't wait until tomorrow". What kind of fish are you? Are you busy fighting the enemy "? Have you drawn your lightsaber and are you waging a battle against the Secret Government, the Gray or the Dark Force? The question is whether this really fits your vision of heaven on earth. Do you focus on aliens who want to control the earth? Do you have images of reality in you that show humanity only as victims, deceived and as a colonized source of food? How does this fit in with the view that every human being is an immense, multidimensional master? Have you traded the connection to your own mind for the connection to a Guru, an Ascended Master, or a channeled entity? The entire universe will adjust to your images of reality. So what do you really want? Your mind changes your position on ascension. Allow the sweetness of transformation to fill your soul. Follow your own beloved spirit with every breath, with every step. Live the sky! INTRODUCTION OF THE ARCHANGEL From the Source, at the Service of the Source The Council of Ain Soph

7 When we look at you, we see you as an immense, multidimensional being. Only a small part of you is in this body, and that small part thinks it is the whole. But many people already have an inkling that this is not the case. We see you in all dimensions and in all your greatness. As you are reading this, from our point of view you are a lightworker. And you have a job to do. You came here to help planet earth transition into light. You are a true expert at this because you have already done this countless times. This book presents you with a model that describes what is going on in this process on planet Earth and within yourself. But this is not the truth, not the reality. A multidimensional, non-linear model cannot be described in an earthly language. But we try to do our best. If it gets a little bumpy at times, please understand because the process is not linear. It's more like music. We can only represent this model linearly. We tried to describe it non-linearly, and everyone immediately became brain dead. "We hope that you can feel the changes that you are going through. If your mental body can say: Aha, so this belongs to the eighth light body level", this alleviates the underlying fear. So it is very important that the information in this book get out, because fear is very strong right now, especially in the physical and mental bodies. When you know what is going on with you and that it is part of a process, you will feel less crazy. "Every time a planet goes into the light, that homecoming from separation is a unique event. This process is for Every planet and civilization is different. The model described here applies to the human species on planet Earth. There are 383 other planets that will enter the light simultaneously with Earth. And most of you are incarnated on most of these planets. The earth is special, however, it has experienced the greatest possible separation from Source and is now returning home, and it will be successful.There will be no apocalypse in this parallel reality. While there was a time when we were not sure this planet could return home, we are now celebrating the certainty of a safe return. A species can ascend without its planet ascending with it. Your species is not the first to rise from this planet. There were four other races before you. What makes the current process so wonderful is that Planet Earth will also ascend. The earth is a conscious, living being. She has agreed to this game of separation on the condition that she too can rise in the end. We would like to point out the peculiarity of this return to the source. To watch the beauty of your divine expression on this return is amazing to us. Although, from our point of view, you have only moved away from the Source for a short time, your reunion is one of the finest energies in the universe. And we are eagerly awaiting the moment when you can consciously experience this for yourself. Since we exist simultaneously, we have already seen your reunion, and we look forward to sharing your joy as you catch up with yourselves. I would also like to mention that the measure for our light body model is based on the amount of adenosine triphosphate in the cells. We measure the light body levels by the mutation state of your physical body. Tashira received calls from some people claiming they were on the twelfth light body level. We told them that

8 is impossible within this model. If you were on the twelfth level of Lightbody in this model, you would not be able to pick up a telephone receiver because you would be completely in the light and no longer in this dimension. Now your consciousness has many levels and your mind and consciousness can travel to many different places. But what ascends is your physical body and that is why we measure it by the physical plane. If I were to describe this model linearly and on levels that many of your human egos cavort, this would only trigger an I am more developed than you (or all) "game. Please remember that each level is different and absolutely essential is. No level is better "than another. And it should also be said that as of January 1995 no one is on this planet and in this parallel reality on the eleventh or twelfth light body level. Finally, we would like to thank you for being on this planet at this time. You came here knowing that you must fall asleep. You had to deny everything you have ever been, forget everything you have ever known, and be completely unrecognizable to yourself and others. We have the easy job. We never go from the source and we never experience separation from the spirit. So we honor you for what you do and are honored to work with you. WHAT IS THE LIGHT BODY? As you may know, this planet is on the rise. Its frequency increases rapidly and it loses density. Matter, as it is known in the third dimension, is a condensation of light. This density decreases and the vibrational frequency of the planet and humans increases. This is quite an exciting process. Ariel In your universe, in the process of condensation, the point of maximum distance from pure light has been reached. Now this process is reversed. This means that the journey home to the one point can begin. There are currently seven to eight million lightworkers on earth. They are, as some say, the Planetary Transition Teams. "Each and every one of you is a Lightworker and has come here with specific tasks, preferences, and aptitudes. Many of you are specialists in helping planets ascend. You have many thousands already Done times before. Every time a planet ascends, reunification is a unique process. And the joy of reunification is always expressed differently depending on the rules by which the game was played. This game involved the greatest possible separation from Reaching Light, and it was very successful. However, the game as you know it officially changed in March 1988. At that time, for most of the Lightworkers, what we call the activation to the first level of Lightbody "was like a little bell, which began to ring in the DNA structure: Hurray, it's time to go home! ”With that began the process of mutation and change. While the change is mostly joyful, it can sometimes be a little more difficult. But it is not the first time that you have gone through this process. What makes the game so interesting is the question: how am I going to do it this time? What energies, emotions and how much joy will I express on this path of reunion? "What we call the inhalation and exhalation of the Source has happened many times, and this inhalation will be unique

Have 9 expression when this planet and all other planets return to the one point. This planet is about to pass into the light, or to put it another way: it is in a state of ascension. It's a gradual process. You are not matter today and light tomorrow. Everyone is in this process, and many of you are already halfway there. The Dimensions Let me first explain the various dimensions or levels of existence. We are using a model with twelve dimensions, and the you sitting here in your physical body exists in the third dimension. It is based on matter. The fourth dimension is also called the astral plane. It is largely based on emotions. Both dimensions together result in what we call the lower world of creation. These are the dimensions in which the game of separation is played. They are the only dimensions in which the illusion of good and bad can be sustained and in which one can feel disconnected from the mind and from one another. You're all pretty good at that. It was a very successful game of separation, but now it's over. So this planet is in a state of ascension and is currently vibrating on the lower levels of the astral plane. It will be part of the ascension process that all dimensions will be rolled up and merged into higher dimensions. They will cease to exist. As the planet is currently vibrating on the lower astral level, for many of you life feels like a dream on you are never quite sure whether you are sleeping or waking. Continuities break down. It feels like objects are changing as you hold them in your hand. The pen you are writing with suddenly turns into a hammer At some point, however, this break in continuity will no longer bother you - just like in a dream. You will also find that your dream states change. You will wake up and not be entirely sure whether you are really awake. You will have lucid dreams that is, to be fully conscious in the dream state, and you will be fully conscious of yourself when you move back and forth between these realities and all realities n will feel real right away. It will no longer appear that there is only one true reality. The fifth to ninth dimensions form the middle level of creation in our model. The fifth dimension is the light body dimension in which you are aware of yourself as a master and as a multidimensional being. In the fifth dimension you are completely mind-oriented. Many of you have come from this plane to be lightworkers here. The sixth dimension contains the templates for the DNA patterns of all species, including humankind. The light languages ​​are also stored there. It is mostly made up of colors and tones. It is the dimension in which consciousness creates through thought and one of the places you work while you sleep. In this dimension you have no body unless you create one. When you are working sixth dimensional, you are more like a living thought. "You create through your consciousness, but you do not necessarily have a vehicle" for the consciousness.

10 The seventh dimension is pure creativity, pure light, pure geometry and pure expression. It is the level of infinite refinement and the final level at which you can perceive yourself as an individual. The eighth is the dimension of the group mind or soul. It is the place where you encounter the greater part of yourself. The eighth dimension is characterized by the loss of self-consciousness. As you travel through the dimensions, this is the place where you will have the most difficulty in holding your consciousness together, for you are "pure we" and work for the goals of the group. Therefore, it may seem to you as if you were asleep or as if you were asleep In our model, the ninth dimension is the location of the collective consciousness of the planets, star systems, galaxies and dimensions. When you visit this dimension, you may find it difficult to remain conscious. Again, it is very difficult to have an understanding of the self "To have, because you are so immensely big that everything is just you." Imagine being the consciousness of a galaxy! Every life form, every star, every planet and every group spirit of every species is in you! The tenth up to the twelfth dimension make up the higher plane of creation. The tenth is the source of the rays and home of those who are called Elohim, and it is here that the new plans of creation are designed and mediated ren creation level sent. In the tenth dimension, a sense of "I" can exist, but nowhere near as much as in the third. The eleventh dimension is that of preformed light, the point before creation and a state of exquisite expectation, similar to the moment just before a sneeze or an orgasm. It is the level of the being called Metatron and the archangels and other akashas of that source system. There are planetary akashas, ​​galactic akashas, ​​and akashas for the whole source system. You are in one of many source systems. Therefore, to give we also only describe this system. If you visit another source system, your experiences will also be completely different. As an archangel, my home is in the eleventh dimension. The twelfth dimension is the one point where all consciousness is completely one recognizes with all-that-is. There is no separation of any kind. When you enter this level, you understand yourself as vol l become one with all that is, the power of creation. When you enter this level, you will never be the same again because you cannot maintain the usual degree of separation once you have experienced perfect oneness. Your Bodies In the old world you had a physical body, and most people react to their own body like an enemy. The body is what gives you karmic restrictions. Many people feel that if I did not have a body, I would not have to experience this limitation. "Nor do they accept that the body itself has a consciousness and that the purpose of this consciousness is to serve them and the spirit. The physical Body therefore feels rejected and abused most of the time. You say: I have no desire to experience karma through you, so I will not listen to you when you have something to say to me. I will not provide you with what you do want to eat. I won't let you play the way you would like to play. "

11 So, you're doing all these crazy things to your body. Most of you have a love-hate relationship with your body. It's too fat, it's too big, it's too wide, it's too hairless, it's too hairy, it's too long, it's too small. "Most of you have this kind of relationship with the physical. You own also something we call the ethereal blueprint. Most of you who can perceive at the etheric level perceive this body about an inch from your skin. It also exists in you. We will now explain this using our model of the dimensions. You are currently in the third dimension. The fourth dimension is the astral plane. This is where the majority of your Charles patterns are stored in the etheric body. They set the movements in motion that spread to other energy bodies and bring you karmic experiences, and also make your DNA work on a limited, survival level by limiting the amount of light that your phy sic body can absorb. You have a still sleeping fifth dimensional light body structure. This structure contains what we call ethereal crystals. These crystals block certain energy flows and prevent the body from being activated too early. The fifth-dimensional ethereal blueprint consists of an axiatonal meridian system, an axial circulatory system and pivot points that connect these systems and structures with one another. As part of the separation game, the direct connection of the human axiatonal meridians with the Overself and other star peoples was cut. This caused brain stunting, aging and death. Axiatonal lines correspond to the acupuncture meridians, which can connect with the Oversoul and the resonating star systems. Through these axiatonal lines, the human body is reprogrammed directly from the Overself into a new body of light. Axiatonal lines exist independently of any physical body or biological form. They emanate from different star systems and the galactic body controls its renewal mechanism through them. Think of the Milky Way as the body of a living being. The stars and planets are the organs of this galactic body; the different species on the stars and planets are the cells in his organs that renew the energies of the organs and cells. In order to be able to play this game of separation, the planet earth and its inhabitants were separated from the galactic body and the Oversoul. Now they are connected to each other again. The axiatonal lines are made up of light and sound. The functions of the Christ Office are necessary to restructure the axiatonal meridians of the human body. As soon as the restructuring has taken place, the Overself transmits the necessary color and sound frequencies in order to be able to transform the physical body into a light body. The axiatonal lines run along the acupuncture meridians and connect with them via the pivot points ". Pivot points are small spherical vortices of electromagnetic energy that are located on the surface of the skin. There are also pivot points in every body cell. These cellular points flow sound and Light frequencies, whereby the atoms of the cell molecules rotate faster

12 molecular rotation, light fibers are created, which in turn form a network structure for cell regeneration. Since this game was to be played, the axiatonal lines were no longer connected. As a result, the axial circulatory system in the human species was utterly stunted. The pivot points on the surface of the skin are connected to each pivot point in the cells by an energy system from the fifth dimension. It is a model of physical transmutation, and it is currently being renewed as the axiatonal lines are reconnected. Just like the nervous system, the axial system is more electrical in nature and pulsates energy like the circulatory system pulsates blood. The Overself sends energy into the axiatonal lines, which then flows into the pivot points on the skin, nourishing the physical acupuncture meridians and axiatonal system. In receiving energy from the Overself, the axial system recombines color and sound to align the blood, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems with the divine template, Adam Kadmon. The axial system also transports the energy from the Overself to the pivot points within the cells. This stimulates the pivot points to emit sound and light, creating a grid for the evolution of mankind. The structure from the sixth dimension contains templates or patterns that have been set up to shape matter and bodies of light. The entire coding of the DNS is stored here. This sixth dimensional template determines what a DNA contains and how a physical body is shaped. Lightworkers carry within them parts of the genetic material of the various species of the other 383 ascending planets. The structures from the seventh dimension are there to embody divinity. They are an interface between the physical and astral bodies of a species and their divine blueprint. The Adam Kadmon is the divine form from which all sentient beings emerge, and therefore includes myriad forms. The structures from the seventh dimension are very flexible and differ from person to person. Prepared thresholds "in the structure and in the third- and fourth-dimensional bodies form a maximum limit for the extent to which the Oversoul can establish a connection with a species and embody itself in it.Before activating the body to light, you would have been mostly aware of the fourth-dimensional patterns in your bodies. We call the next body in this model the emotional body. Viewed from the fifth dimension, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body are made up of double tetrahedra that have a certain speed. In the emotional body you have all these wonderful blocked spots that are nothing more than geometric figures that don't move coherently. These incoherent movements are caused by the fourth dimensional structures in the ethereal blueprint. So you're sitting on emotions. That is part of the karma game. In this game you were taught not to express yourself. Expressing yourself is dangerous. And if you cannot express yourself, you will lock these wonderful geometric shapes into this field. So that's how you go through life until you meet someone who has a complementary block. Your little geometries snap into one another, and there you stand now and have to pay for karma. You are blocked until it is over and the geometries separate again. You experience this as a limitation, as a discomfort and ask yourself: Why the hell am I only here? "

13 The mental body also consists of geometrical figures. The function of this body is to determine your reality. The mental body believes it is in control. He thinks he's the manager of your show ". But he's not. His only job is to determine what is real". It determines how the universe will transform itself for your life By determining what is real it keeps you trapped in the game of karma. There is nothing the mental body hates more than change. Nothing! Because if you do something differently in the future than you do today, your survival could be in jeopardy. He maintains a reality that he thinks will keep you alive, whether that's true or not. And it doesn't really matter to him whether you are happy or satisfied. The mental body wants to maintain. To be united in oneself is the natural state of All That Is. The amount of energy required to maintain the illusion of separation is absolutely outrageous. It takes a lot more energy than simply letting go would. It is for this reason that the mental body has developed into this strength. In order to maintain the illusion of separation, the easiest thing to do was to let the mental body declare everything it cannot see as not real. Therefore he blocks out all impulses that come from the mind. The spiritual body is made up of the same tetrahedra and is mostly ignored in the karma game. Its actual function is to connect you with your Oversoul, your Christ Oversoul and with the IcH-BiN-Presence. Obviously the spiritual body is underemployed in the karma game. He just sits out there and those connections aren't made. The spiritual body brings impulses and information from your own mind through, which then hit the mental body, which says: This is not real. "Then when the emotional body picks up clues from the mind, it closes itself off instead of expressing itself. And you repeat this whole cycle of limitation and separation, because the whole game was based on the illusion of separation from the mind. This is what it was about. Your chakras Your chakra system also changes its function. Most of you know about chakras. Everyone has fourteen main chakras The seven chakras of the physical body, the seven chakras outside the body, plus the alpha and omega chakras, most people see or feel the chakras as radiant, revolving sources of energy, but have chakras also a sixth dimensional internal structure.In the karma game the structure of the seven body chakras was intentional restricted so that they could only transmit energy from the astral plane. They were sealed ". With this limited blueprint, a chakra resembles two cones. One cone opens towards the front of the body, the other opens towards the back. Where they meet in the body, they are sealed so that they can be in it Stay in alignment. This narrow part in the center is mostly clogged with mental or emotional fragments. These debris "make the speed of the cones turn slower and slower. This leads to a lack of energy in the acupuncture meridian system, which can lead to illness or death. This structure of the chakras can only direct energy from front to back or from back to front and does not use higher dimensional frequencies.

14 When the light body process is activated, the seals in the center of the cones are broken. Slowly the chakra structure opens out from the center until the chakra is spherical. This allows the chakra to radiate energy in all directions and frequencies The body pours out the accumulated karma debris and the spherical blueprint makes it impossible for them to be taken in. The spheres expand and expand until all the chakras merge into a unified energy field. Each of the upper, non-embodied chakras has its own geometric blueprint structure and can transmit the appropriate frequencies from the Oversoul or another dimension that is connected to this chakra. The eighth and eleventh chakras contain flat crystalline templates through which the galactic axiatonal lines run. As soon as the xiatonal meridians are connected again, di ese templates used by the Oversoul to regulate the influences of the stars on the human body. The axiatonal lines and the axial circulatory system are readjusted by the Oversoul through the eighth chakra. As a result, the eighth chakra has the main control in mutating the body and merging the energy bodies. Until recently, the alpha and omega chakra in the human body were stunted. Although these two chakras are energy centers, they have a completely different blueprint and function than the rest of the chakras. They are very finely adjusted energy regulators for electrical, magnetic and gravitational waves and also serve as an anchor for the seven-dimensional ethereal blueprint. The alpha chakra is about six to eight inches above and about two inches in front of the center of the head. It connects you to your immortal body of light in the fifth dimension. The omega chakra is located about eight inches below the coccyx and connects you to the holographic plane of the planet as well as to the holographic grids of your incarnations. In contrast to the fourth dimensional karmic matrix, this is a connection of a completely unkarmic nature. The eighth chakra is 17 to 22 centimeters above the exact center of the head. A pillar of light about 10 centimeters in diameter arises from the eighth chakra. It leads through the middle of the body and the body chakras to about 20 centimeters below the feet. This column contains a light tube about 4 centimeters in diameter, which runs through the entire length of the column. When the alpha and omega chakras are open and functioning properly, you will experience what is called the "waves of the metatron". These run through the inner pillar of light. The magnetic, electrical and gravitational waves oscillate between the alpha and omega Chakra back and forth, which in turn regulate the amplitude and frequency of these waves. The waves stimulate and support the flow of pranic energy through the smaller light tube. The waves of the Metatron help the body coordinate its mutation in the direction of the long-standing templates in the immortal When the body chakras have opened to a spherical shape, lattice structures are laid down that connect the chakras directly to pivot points on the surface of the skin. This connects the chakras directly with the new axiatonal and axial systems. By connecting the lattice structures of the chakras with the axiatonal lines they become higher evolutionary, universal res onanzgittern and wave movements connected. This helps the chakras and the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to merge into a unified energy field. This unified field then receives the Oversoul Bodies and moves synchronously with universal waves and pulses. This

15 new system now transmits these waves and pulses through the pivot points into the axial circulatory system and adjusts the pulses and the flow of body fluids anew. But now you are in the karma game. And since you live in a state of separation from the mind, a state of limitation, and also being alienated from your physical body, it usually means that you are not in your body. And if you are not in your body, you cannot activate your heart chakra either. And if you cannot activate your heart chakra, the dominant chakras are mainly the base chakra, the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra. Your interactions with the environment are based on instinctive fear, karmic patterns, power, lust, envy or purely egocentric power games with other people. Without being fully in your body, you cannot have a higher interaction. And of course the upper, out-of-body chakras are not activated at all. ACTIVATION In March 1988 all Lightworkers on this planet were activated at least to the first level of Lightbody. On April 16, 1989, the entire crystalline structure of matter and every single inhabitant of this planet was activated to the third light body level. This is not a voluntary process because everyone experiences it. However, many people leave this planet because they do not want to go through this process in this life. Everyone can decide in which life or in which parallel reality they want to go through the process. We don't lose people. Those who decide against it now are simply not ready to go through the process in this incarnation. The First Level of Lightbody When the first activation took place, for most of you it was as if a lightbulb had burned out in your DNA: time to go home. "And that is exactly how it felt in the body. An enthusiasm rose from it which was just wonderful. At the same time he said, "Time to reduce density," and most of you were going through a solid flu. "We call what most people call the flu" mutation symptoms. "If yours If you reduce body density, they tend to go through headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, acne, rashes, and flu-like symptoms like muscle aches and pains. And if you remember, there was a flu epidemic in March 1988 that was actually a light epidemic. The modern one human genetic research has labeled 99% of DNA garbage because we don't know what it really means ". In fact, however, human DNA contains portions of the genetic material of every species on earth, plus genetic material that is holographically encoded with all of the experiences of mankind, as well as with the experiences of the holographic grid structures of your own incarnations, plus portions of the genetic encoding of all sentient beings on 383 ascending planets within five neighboring universes. In addition, your DNA contains latent codes that mutate the physical body into a light body. Before March 1988, only about 7% of the genetic codes were active. Then the mind activated a number of these latent codes on the first level of the light body by letting a sequence of light and sound flow into it. These newly activated codes gave the body a signal that caused a mutation in the DNA and a fundamental change in energy processing in the cells.

16 We measure a light body level by the ability of your cells to metabolize light. "The clue for this new cell activity is the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) available. The energy required for cell function came from an energy production and storage system before the light body was activated, the energy between adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) shuttles back and forth. ATP is an energy storage compound present in the cells. In the mitochondria 2, food is converted into energy for the cells, which is then bound into ATP. ATP has a chain of three phosphate groups that pop out of the molecule. When an ATP molecule loses its outermost phosphate group, it becomes an ADP molecule. Breaking the chemical bond releases energy with which the cell can function, For example, the formation of proteins, ADP can be converted back to ATP by absorbing energy and a phosphate group nd ADP lose phosphate groups and take them up again in order to have energy available for cell function. This is a self-contained system of biological energy that causes aging and death. No new energy is absorbed. 2 The mitochondria are functional and structural parts of every body cell with the task of building and storing energy in the chemical form of ATP and ADP along their double membrane. When the light body mutation was activated, a series of latent DNA codes lit up, giving new guidelines to the cells. One of the first instructions was to tell the cell to recognize light as a new source of energy. At first the cellular consciousness did not know what to do with this information. When the cells were bathed in light, the mitochondria (which are very light sensitive) began to fully absorb this new color and sound activation and explosively produce ATP. But the cells had not yet absorbed enough light to stabilize the phosphate compound. As a result, the ATP quickly broken down to ADP again, and the cell metabolism was accelerated dramatically. Accumulated toxins, old trauma, and stored thoughts and emotions were released from the physical body, causing flu-like symptoms. According to its old method, the physical form had left and right hemispherical functions of the brain. Also, the pineal and pituitary glands were shriveled to the size of a pea instead of the size of a walnut. When activated, the brain chemistry began to change and new synapses were formed. The second level of light bodies On the second level, the sixth dimensional, ethereal blueprint is flooded with light. She begins to let go of the fourth dimensional structures that bind you to karmic experiences of all incarnations. As a result, you may feel a little disoriented and have frequent "flu attacks". You are most likely lying in bed wondering: Why am I here? " and Who am I? "You might get an idea that there could be something like spirit" in your life. At this point we would like to define another term. When we use the term soul, we are talking about the differentiated part of the mind that is experiencing through your physical body. When we talk about mind, we mean the part that is undifferentiated and fully connected to the source. In the second phase During the activation of the light body, fourth-dimensional structures are released, which increase the speed of the geometries in your emotional, mental and