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The youth church is now on ecumenical feet

News from 08/17/2020


Samantha's heart has been beating for “Way to J” for a year and a half. She is part of the Westerwald youth church and enjoys sharing her faith with other young people: “At 'Way to J‘ we talk openly with each other, ”says the 16-year-old. It doesn't matter to Samantha whether the person opposite is Protestant, Catholic or neither.

Selters. "For me it's about the personality of my counterpart and not about how he or she believes." Young people like Samantha often no longer think in categories such as Protestant, Catholic or free church. “Way to J” has never done it like this before - although the youth church was part of the Evangelical Dean's Office in Westerwald for a long time. Now you are heading in a new direction: “Way to J” is now an ecumenical project.

With a contract, Catholic and Protestant Christians have sealed that the youth room on the Selters market square will be used together in the future. In practice this means: “Way to J” is now the youth church of the Evangelical Dean's Office and the Catholic Parish of St. Anna Herschbach. Unofficially, this has been the case for a long time. The young people have been celebrating church services together for years, and both Catholic and Protestant Christians come to the weekly meetings.

The Catholic pastoral consultant Stefan Ley finds this extremely enriching: "The young people ask each other how certain things work in the other denomination - for example in the structure of the church service or in special forms such as the veneration of saints." And sometimes they also tease each other, relates Ley smiling: “The Protestants are amazed at the Pope; the Catholics find that there is too much discussion in the Protestant Church. But in the end, only the terms often differ. Belief is the same. "

Now the churches are making a common cause on paper and sharing the costs of the Selters youth room in Saynstrasse. But that is only the first step towards an even deeper togetherness, hope Stefan Ley and the Protestant youth officer Marco Herrlich: “During the Corona period in particular, we noticed that young people long for real encounters - something that a video conference can also do can not replace. We therefore hope that what distinguishes 'Way to J' will soon take place again under more normal circumstances, "says Marco Herrlich, referring not only to the joint services in sometimes unusual locations, but also to the many special activities with which" Way to J “always provides fresh (faith) impulses. “For example, we will soon be planting flower strips and building 100 bee hotels in and around Selters,” announces Marco Herrlich. In addition, the youth church team wants to set up a new service format. “Maybe a church service that is set up like an escape room. But the planning is still ongoing, ”says Stefan Ley.

At the moment twelve young people belong to the core of Way to J, and around 30 boys and girls come to the weekly meetings in the Selterser youth room. But it shouldn't stay that way, Samantha hopes: “I hope that Way to J will become much better known. Not just in the Westerwald, but in the whole of Rhineland-Palatinate. ”And her friend Emily (15) adds:“ People our age should dare to speak openly about their beliefs instead of being afraid that they will be shown the bird. I believe that the youth church can give them this courage. "(Bon)

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