Is there romance in the animal world

"Faithfulness, marriage & jealousy" all of this is also found in the animal kingdom

Merry month of May? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Those willing to marry who bet on the beautiful autumn are in the best animal company.

For example, game is pretty wild in September. The rutting screams of red deer willing to mate can be heard through Europe's forests, in Siberia you can surprise reindeer while making love and IKEA's landmark is also committed to the preservation of its species. The bulls court their respective favorite elk cows almost "romantically" - in contrast to male red deer. Only the strongest comes into play here and makes several women happy at the same time. The weaker ones, who are inferior in the ranking battles, are left behind.

Tender bonds of love are also made "down under" in September. In the Australian spring, it's not just koalas that show spring fever. Two small animals with long names practice a strange mating ritual that reaches its climax in September:

The Swainson and Stuart broad-footed pouch mouse celebrates "non-stop mating" for 14 days. When the orgy is over, all males die in a kind of exhaustion death. Until the birth of the offspring, there are only females. The new males in turn only experience one mating season in which they totally exhaust themselves ...

The birds are more civilized. Marriage is almost the norm here. A proper bird wedding also includes engagement, of course. Tree sparrows, to name just one example, get engaged before they reach sexual maturity in the autumn of their first year of life. Even they turtle and beak like pigeons and stay together outside of the breeding season. If a whole swarm is suddenly seized by courtship mood, it can happen that a frivolous tree sparrow dares to flirt with someone who has already been awarded. Then the rightful husband steps in immediately and threatens the rival with his head held high. If several couples get into such jealousy, it can lead to a loud spectacle!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends

Wedding favors include wedding favors, which is very popular with birds. But other animals also know this custom. Some male spiders bring a picnic with them to the rendezvous: a still living fly wrapped in spider threads. Usually the ladies get to grips with the delicacy very quickly. If you don't eat Vespers right away, it can happen to you that the spider man, after having performed acrobatics of love, grabs his pack of provisions and moves on to the next one.

The Mormon locusts also bring their loved ones a bundle of protein with them. Of course, the hard-earned power snack should not be given to the first person who comes across, but to the very best lady of the locust. In this case, it's the heaviest, the one with the most eggs. How does he determine whether the gift is due to his chosen one? He lifts her up without further ado. If it seems too easy to him, i.e. loaded with too few eggs, he will quickly run away again.

The American butterfly Rattlebox Moth brings a kind of "life insurance" as a wedding gift. The males eat poisonous plants and smell them. The female selects the biggest "alkaloid stinker". When mating, it takes on this smell. If it should now be embarrassed to accidentally get caught in a spider's web, it will be neatly cut out of the web by the spider.

Call of the wilderness

In order to attract the attention of the future, the animals have a huge repertoire ready. There is singing, dancing, croaking, lighting, blinking and knocking. Or scented. The male velvet butterfly is the real most tender temptation: it smells like chocolate! Often the prettiest wins the race.

Often the lords of creation - très chic - throw themselves into wedding clothes: fish get striking color patterns, lizards lure with colored throat skin and shining flanks, and newts get a fiery comb. The peacock lives up to its additional predicate "vain" and struts around in a wedding suit all year round. Incidentally, the rooster with the most peacock eyes is the favorite of women ... The beaver, on the other hand, doesn't care about its appearance. His fur has to withstand rough everyday life and, above all, be practical. For this he is loyal to Ms. Biberin, builds her a chic basement house on the river and comes out as a particularly affectionate lover: swimming belly to belly with his chosen one, he ensures delights of love in the natural pool ... (Author: Angelika Schmidt)

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