Why should I do a marketing internship?

Internship in online marketing

In my lectures at universities and schools, I get many questions about internships in online marketing posed. Here you will find a summary of the most frequently asked questions with answers:

"How do I find a good internship?"

At the beginning you should consider whether you would rather go to a Agency, so a service provider for online marketing, get a taste or whether you are the process of employees in one Companies want to get to know. You can then find the right companies in a number of ways:

  • Use existing Cooperations your university or school with companies. Simply ask the person responsible whether a partner company has just advertised a vacant internship in your area. Often you can get a good internship with an unsolicited application to the partner company.
  • Use the common ones Job search engines and specialized job exchanges such as seojobboerse.de, myonlinejob.de/ or kimeta.de/Jobs?q=SEO
  • Use Google and just enter terms like "Internship Online Marketing Hannover" or search directly for companies / agencies with search queries like "SEO Agency Hannover" or "Online Marketing Job Hannover"

"What salary is realistic?"

The remuneration of an internship can vary widely. It depends on your age, experience and level of knowledge. But also on the size and industry of the company. A Student internship in a small agency or in a small business is mostly unpaid. Important tasks cannot yet be carried out by the student and the amount of supervision required is often very high. At studentsAnyone who wants to do a compulsory internship or a voluntary one to get a taste of the field of activity is eligible for an expense allowance. The larger and more successful the industry, the higher the amount. We cannot really speak of a salary yet, but allowances for expenses as part of a mini-job are possible.

"Is it possible to do an internship without studying?"

Yes, you can do an internship of any age and any school leaving certificate. You can find an internship even without studying. Since "online marketing" is a very new discipline, there are still few suitable training courses or courses of study. Therefore, almost all employees are lateral entrants. So it doesn't matter what degree you have right now. It is more important that you are highly motivated and willing to learn every day.

"What does an application look like?"

An application in online marketing does not differ from applications for other internships. You can find many templates and tips on how to write a good application on the Internet. If you have already been active on the Internet, for example with your own website, blog or Instagram account, then definitely mention this. Even if it has not turned out to be a commercial success, you can show that you already are independently with the communication options on the Internet have dealt with.

"What are your experiences with an internship?"

As part of my studies, I did an internship in the field of "online marketing" at a medium-sized company in the financial sector. I liked it a lot and was also confronted with responsible tasks. I had already brought some knowledge with me and was still able to learn a lot. Above all, the process and structure in a team were new to me and broadened my horizons. I would describe it as an all-round positive internship and I am very happy that I was able to have this experience.

"Should I even do an internship?"

For everyone who is still considering whether to do an internship or not, I can only advise: Make sure to do an internship! You can see very quickly whether you also want to deal full-time with the topics of search engine optimization, social media, etc. or not. Because it makes a huge difference whether I'm surfing the Internet for fun or doing various activities for a company 8 hours a day.

If you have any further questions, you can also send me an email: [email protected]