What are corporate video platforms

Interesting facts about video marketing

Videos are enjoying increasing attention in marketing. The main reason is obvious: With video marketing, the user receives the advertising message in image and sound without having to read long texts; complex issues can be presented clearly and specifically for the target group. Films are therefore a welcome, varied medium, although the advertising message is by no means always clearly communicated.

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These goals can be achieved with video marketing

The special form of marketing primarily - but by no means exclusively - uses the Internet as a distribution channel. The films are uploaded to websites and / or other platforms with editorially updated content in order to increase both the number of visitors and the length of time they spend on a site. An example of video marketing is a corresponding ad on a community website.

But videos can not only have a positive influence on the general number of visitors as well as the length of stay of individual users. Online marketing is also used to ...

  • launch a company, product or brand.
  • Present the benefits of a product and thus increase sales.
  • promote your own product on an external website.
  • to optimize press work.
  • to strengthen customer loyalty through tutorials and other formats.
  • to positively influence the search engine position.

Popular formats for video marketing

  • The Image film is, so to speak, the classic in terms of brand and company presentation. With a tour of the production facilities, a portrait of the employees, etc., you can convey what a brand or a company stands for.
  • A Explanatory video shows how a product can be used and how it is structured. It is a format that is popular with end and B2B customers alike.
  • The Commercial puts a product in the right light and conveys in an interesting story what makes it unique. Depending on the budget and the goal pursued, you can choose between a short spot and a longer film for video marketing.
  • If the goal is to recruit new employees, a HR / recruitment video the right format. Here it is important to achieve the right level of authenticity, i.e. the company must present itself as positively as possible, but must not lose its credibility. Some of the most popular elements to explain why a company is the best place for a candidate include: employee interviews and work-flow insights.
  • Case studies are a kind of explanatory video. However, these films are not aimed at explaining how an item works. Instead, a technique or similar is shown in concrete use. It's about explaining how the product can actually solve existing problems.

Note: These and other formats for video marketing can be combined with one another and used in different ways. The above types of film are not only used on the Internet and on TV, but also, for example, in presentations, at trade fairs, etc.

Important NOTE

Before you can do video marketing, you need to define your target audience. What are the needs of the potential customers and how do you best reach them? Tailor your marketing measures precisely to the target group in order to be successful.

Important: You should always offer added value with video marketing. Films that are too advertised are quickly ignored and thus forgotten.

More tips for your success

In addition to the format and presentation of the film as well as the target group, there are some aspects that influence the success of your video marketing:

  • The content should not be longer than five minutes.
  • In order to arouse the viewer's interest, the following scheme is generally recommended: tension; Emotions; explain existing problem; show how the product solves the problem (satisfy demand).
  • The content must be placed in places relevant to the target group (company website, video platforms, social networks, ...).
  • The advertised product or brand must be integrated into the video in a visually appealing way.
  • In order to achieve the highest level of transparency and credibility in video marketing, real people, i.e. no actors, should appear in the video.
  • Since the attention span of the average Internet consumer is very limited, the content must be kept short and conveyed in an easily understandable manner.
  • Collect practical information about your video marketing (clicks, distribution, comments, ...) and analyze this data in order to optimize the measures.