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Action day «Talk about it. To find help."

On December 10, 2020, the day of action “Talk about it. To find help." instead of. It is intended to help strengthen mental health in times of the coronavirus. People in difficult situations experience solidarity and can find out about specific offers of help. The day also raises awareness of being attentive to one's own environment and providing help.

This allows actors from the field of mental healthparticipate

Help us to talk about mental health in the week before December 10 and on this day: Be it at work, in the practice, at the dining table, in the stairwell, on social media, in group chat, in the hairdressing salon , at school or at home. You are completely free to decide whether and how you want to participate on this day or in the run-up to this day. Depending on the function of your institution, we could imagine the following options:

  • Use the documents provided to inform your network about this day.
  • Share the information on your social media channels.
  • Draw attention to your offer. Put flyers in suitable places, send out a newsletter, update your website.
  • Hold an event (specialist discussion, reading, etc.), preferably online.
  • Write a media release, go to your media network, offer interesting topics, stories, pictures and people as interviewees.
  • Talk to your clients about this day. Perhaps it is an occasion to talk about the psychological problems in the community?
  • In the personal environment: Talk to your neighbor, brother or work colleague about their well-being. It will do you good!

Please also consult the website Information about the day of action will be posted there shortly. From around 7.12. E.g. poster with offers of help


Questions about the day of action:

058 463 87 79

Content-related questions about mental health:

058 469 79 76