Where can I order vaporizers for meth?

  • Vape shop closed after a search for commercial drug trafficking
  • There is already a complaint against the operator
  • Large amounts of crystal meth, cannabis and prescription drugs were found.

The police announced this afternoon that a vape shop was closed yesterday after a search.

The vape shop in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin was searched by officers from Section 15.
Sniffer dogs were also used. Specific advice was received.

The store held large amounts of crystal meth, cannabis, the opioid pain reliever tilidine, and other prescription drugs.
The police assume commercial trade due to the crowd. Apparently, consumers were regularly served under the counter.

The 41-year-old shop owner has now been charged with drug trafficking.

According to unconfirmed research, the vape shop is a branch of the Highendsmoke chain.
The chain was only taken over by the tobacco company BAT in the autumn of last year.

The deal is being closed and is apparently already being cleared out.

Direct link to the police report (Facebook): https://bit.ly/2Tk7mzT
Brain damage from e-cigarette proven: https://www.vapers.guru/2019/07/11/angebliche-hirnschaeden-durch-e-zigaretten-nachweise/

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