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Resurrection à la Adidas: These running shoes are completely recyclable

Ocean Plastic by Parley

Adidas had already worked with the organization in 2015 Parley for the Oceans presented the first concept for performance shoes, the upper material of which consists entirely of yarns and filaments that are recovered and recycled from plastic waste from the sea and illegal deep-sea gillnets. According to its own information, the sporting goods manufacturer will now produce 11 million pairs of shoes in 2019 Ocean Plastic by Parley manufacture, a material made from plastic waste that has already been fished from the sea on beaches, remote islands and in coastal communities.

In addition, Adidas is committed to using only recycled polyester from 2024 for all products and areas of application for which there is a solution. The creation of products with premium materials from Parley, which are made from recycled plastic waste from the sea, therefore forms the first pillar of Adidas' sustainability strategy.

"Removing plastic waste from the system is the first step, but we can't stop there," explains Eric Liedtke, Executive Board Member at Adidas, and responsible for Global Brands. "What happens to the shoes when they are completely worn out? You throw them away - only there is no such thing as" away ". There are only landfills and incinerators and ultimately everything ends up in the atmosphere, which suffocates in an excess of carbon dioxide , or in the world's oceans that are littered with plastic waste. The next step is to completely abolish the concept of "waste". Our dream is that the same shoes can be worn over and over again ".

With Futurecraft Loop, Adidas has come a big step closer to this version.