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Email management with TecArt Orchestrate harmonious corporate communication

Do dozens or even hundreds of e-mails find their way into your mailbox every day, and only a few are really relevant? Then a well-thought-out e-mail management is required that simplifies your day-to-day business and relieves your mailbox. Whether automated marketing emails or status reports from the ticket system - they all delay real communication with your business partners. Take over the orchestra direction again with TecArt!

Email software from TecArt Communication in harmony with your customers

It's just a shame if you miss a € 250 discount or maybe even the order confirmation for the deal of the month.

The Response rate is one of the most important key figures in corporate communication. Because they shows how qualitative your email content iswhether internal or external - such as with customer inquiries, offers or acquisition. Only if the information quality is right and your answers hit the right note will potential customers deal with your messages.

With TecArt you and your employees meet the modern flow of communication without neglecting other important activities. Our groupware and collaboration solutions simplify your e-mail management and give you valuable tips to improve your communication quality over the long term. This saves you valuable time in daily business and allows you to compose the perfect melody for your customer relationships.

Email management in the company Four valuable practical tips for better email management

The first step to better email management is timing. That means,You only edit your own e-mail inbox at specific times. This requires a close observation of your normal daily work in order to draw important conclusions - especially about the ideal time to receive and send messages. Ideally, you only check e-mails once or twice a day and only process them at these times. This leads to more structure in the work and clearly defined breaks without distracting yourself with presumably pointless e-mails. The other time slots are blocked for concentrated work. Another advantage: with time-optimized e-mail traffic, you achieve a demonstrably better response rate. Why this is the case can be seen on a typical working day:

07:30 - 10:00 a.m .: The start of work This is the time when the working day begins for most Germans. You know it yourself: As soon as the computer boots up and the first coffee is in the cup, the e-mail software starts. Important meetings and appointments rarely happen in the morning hours and so incoming e-mails are quickly recognized and processed.

14:00 - 15:00: The second half of the day At around 2 p.m., the majority of employees are back from their lunch break and are at work. You can also expect quick answers at this time. Because often the e-mail inbox is checked right after the lunch break. Before the next phase of work or the next meeting begins, many people work through your e-mails and answer open questions. Then you have peace for the open tasks and the rest of the day.

7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m .: the end of the day At this time, almost everyone will have finished their (part-time) professional duties and want to relax. That doesn't sound like the best time to write an email. And of course it's not the best way to write to colleagues or customers outside of working hours. Therefore please do not expect an answer at this time! However, it can still make sense to send the e-mail in the evening. According to surveys, around 3/4 of Germans surf the Internet after working hours. So the chances are good that your message will at least be noticed and that the recipient will schedule it for the next working day in the evening. If it doesn't come to that, your message may even be in the first place in the recipient's e-mail on the next day - and will therefore enjoy special attention.

In order to keep an eye on the communication and to ensure order in the mailbox, a well-functioning e-mail management is indispensable! You can organize your mailbox by categorizing incoming e-mails. In this way, important messages can be identified immediately and you can react more quickly to important inquiries. This is how you could categorize in the future:

  • Priority A: answer as soon as possible
  • Priority B: process immediately
  • Priority C: read later
  • Priority D: Email archiving
  • Priority E: delete

Many e-mail programs and web interfaces nowadays offer automated tools to direct your communication on the right track. These e-mail management functions help save time - if used correctly. Possible functions are:

  • Learning spam filters
  • Automatic email retrieval
  • Setup of email filters

How likely is a prompt reply to a sent email? Instead of the usual greetings "Kind regards" or "Best regards", it is better to express your gratitude! This not only leads to more, but also to faster answers - like boomerang found out when evaluating a plug-in for email management of over 350,000 emails. Appropriately translated from English, the most successful final sentences are as follows:

  • Thanks in advance - response rate: 65.7 percent
  • Thank you - response rate: 63.0 percent
  • Thank you - response rate: 57.9 percent

Email management for companies | Info paper from TecArt Successful medium-sized companies rely on CRM instead of Outlook!

  • Advantages and disadvantages: Outlook in B2B business
  • In comparison: TecArt® and Outlook (infographics & tables)
  • Cases Studies: These customers have successfully replaced Outlook.

Email Management Software Product Tour This is what professional email management for companies can look like

The TecArt email client is fully integrated into our CRM software. Thanks to numerous automatisms, you save valuable resources in daily e-mail management, which you can benefit from in marketing, sales and project management, among other things. Our program organizes your electronic messages at lightning speed and offers you a variety of additional options across modules. Use the synergies and gain time for your company goal: increasing sales! We will show you the score for your live concert.

Convenient email client including dashboard

Use all common functionalities of a in our e-mail management E-mail clients with the familiar Outlook look and feel and let yourself be convinced by the extensive extras! Filter your electronic mail e.g. B. according to self-created criteria. You can also create several e-mail accounts and use the same or different filter functions. The dashboard provides you with an immediate overview of new e-mails.

Automatic filters for quick assignment and navigation

Benefit from numerous and complex assignment and filter functions within the software! Using the context menu of our e-mail management, you can sort your electronic messages manually or create a trouble ticket, an appointment or a task directly from an e-mail. All data previously recorded in the system is automatically transferred to the corresponding fields.

Automatic email notifications of changes in the system

Subscribe to projects or contacts to better coordinate your increasing email traffic! in the All activities of an e-mail are automatically documented in the header area of ​​the e-mail preview. Here, our tool shows you directly whether employee A has forwarded an email to you, whether it has already been answered by employee B or whether employee C has placed it in the relevant contact. One look - everything is there!

  • Any number of email accounts

    Set up an unlimited number of e-mail accounts via POP3 and IMAP protocol! With our fully integrated email client manage both personal and group e-mail accounts clearly and easily. You can enter all domains and FreeMail providers (such as Google Mail, GMX or Web.de). So you have everything in one place and manage your emails with one login.

  • Diverse personalization

    To further filter the e-mail traffic, Your messages should include relationship-based personalization. Business contacts are addressed with “Dear Mr / Ms”, while acquaintances are greeted with “Hello Mr / Ms” and private messages begin with “Hi” or something similar. The e-mail function in TecArt CRM Pro learns this assignment independently. Alternatively, you can make the setting at the contact or e-mail level.

  • Individual search function

    Finding older messages or tracing a communication history can be difficult despite all the orderly e-mail management. This is where ours helps High-performance full-text search with which you can find what you are looking for in large mailboxes in a matter of seconds. You can search for and filter specific e-mails by specifying special properties and / or entering defined search terms - for example using the subject, sender, recipient or message text.

  • Self-learning spam filter

    Nobody can do without a spam filter - all you need to do is look into your own spam folder. Most email providers provide preconfigured filter functions. However, it is worth improving this further! This succeeds z. B. by not only deleting unwanted messages by the user, but also marking them as spam. The TecArt spam filter learns independently based on your subsequent settings. The result: Your mailbox will only contain relevant e-mails in the future.

  • Automatic links

    Context is important! Various data sources can be integrated into your workflow so that you have all the important information at your fingertips. The e-mail management in TecArt CRM offers an automatic linkage of incoming and outgoing messages to existing customer information (such as persons or suppliers) as well as to projects. So you have more than just the current request in mind when communicating. At the same time, all important details are displayed to you. A click on the customer reveals the seamless e-mail communication. On top of that, there are personal addresses in e-mail messages with a self-learning function. The basis is the recognized first names of the selected e-mail address.

  • Individual folder structure

    Folders don't just keep your desktop tidy. A well thought-out folder structure can also create a better overview in the e-mail program. For example, follow our tips above and categorize incoming messages as part of your email management! All you have to do is create the appropriate folder. In this way, messages can later be easily moved to the right place according to their topic or content using drag and drop. With the help of This process can even be partially automated using a clever combination of keywords and e-mail rules.

Test TecArt CRM Pro Live demonstration: Simply log in!

The TecArt CRM Pro is a modular CRM software. The basic system contains an e-mail client that automatically links all incoming messages and their data with other modules (such as contacts). Test the Email management software live in the cloud - completely free of charge and without obligation! Please note that the Live demo contains only test data and is reset to its original state every day at midnight! Therefore, please do not use any real or personal data in the live demo!

Email Management Software | Communication in the company In direct comparison: TecArt CRM Pro vs. Outlook

Our e-mail management shines with the "look and feel" of common mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook. However, it was our solution not for private use, but for Your modern office communication designed. The range of functions includes a central solution for shared e-mails, contacts, appointments and more. Self Live document editing and cross-team work on tasks is part of it. Through the Location-independent and central availability of all information you can use your resources in a cost-saving manner. How to Orchestrate Your Email Management Successfully!

functionDetailed descriptionTecArt®Outlook
Generate appointments & tasks from emailsTasks and appointments can be created from e-mails with a click of the mouse. The e-mail text is automatically transferred to the note field.
Adjustment of personal salutationThe system automatically adjusts the salutation in the text window of the e-mail based on the e-mail address.
Store the e-mail as a documentEach e-mail can be saved separately as a document elsewhere in the system.
Absence management for employees
Vacation management for employees

Low administration and maintenance effort

File attachments to emails, appointments, tasks, notes and contacts

Suitable for Windows, Mac (OSX), ChromeOS and Linux

Secure cloud in Germany (certified according to ISO 27001) or own hosting

User accounts without workstation installation instead of hardware licenses

No advertising contracts and data export in standard formats (such as CSV) possible