What are the most boring novels

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Lilo the discussion started on September 7th, 2008 (3:35 pm) with the following post:

Hi Guys :)

I don't know, maybe this topic is a bit out of place, but I was just interested in what, in your opinion, was the most boring book you have ever read?
Personally, I cannot yet decide between the Judenbuche and a few others.
How about you guys

Lg, Lilo

Farm girl answered on 09/07/08 (15:41):

the most boring thing i read was ayla.

Lilo answered on 09/07/08 (15:45):

Compulsory reading in school, right?
what is it about?

Silverwing answered on 07.09.08 (20:10):

There are many. Sometimes Jewish beech and such. then "down the escalator". Actually all school readings. And the thing that I found the most boring, but that I read voluntarily, was the first part of "Sunrise". But above all it was sick.

Lilo answered on 09.09.08 (7:30 pm):

yes, school reading is really always boring! I once had one (in school) that was a biography of a MUSCHEL! there is actually no word that could describe how boring it was!

why did you find "sunrise" sick? (only ask out of interest, I haven't read it)


Silverwing answered on 09.09.08 (10:20 pm):

Ne SHELL? OK. But the idea is creative.

So at Sunrise it's about: Death just wanted to take one away, but missed him with the sickle and met an aunt from the nightclub. Neither of them want to go exodus now and should convince Death that it is not they who have to go with it. Then they tell about their lives like that. The end is even sicker.

Silverwing replied on 09.09.08 (10:22 pm):

Ne SHELL? OK. But the idea is creative.

So at Sunrise it's about: Death just wanted to take one away, but missed him with the sickle and met an aunt from the nightclub. Neither of them want to go exodus now and should convince Death that it is not they who have to go with it. Then they tell about their lives like that. The end is even sicker.

Oh yes, in English we have to read "Inventing Ellioth" or something. This is so BAD! The guy thinks for ten pages: "You can't kill me, I'm already dead".

no-genius answered on 09/11/08 (17:27):

Student readings don't always have to be boring ...

We read "Back then it was Friedrich" by Hans Peter Richter that was really cool !!!
hmmm ... The most boring book I've read was: "The Gospel of Magdalena, because I understood next to nothing there was a lot too high for me

lg no genius

no-genius answered on 09/11/08 (17:30):

But the shell is really sick!

i'm sorry

Lilo answered on 09/13/08 (13:38):

thank you for your sympathy!

that with the clam was really sick, and baby-like! aslo you are insulting my intelligence! well, that could offend a 3 year old too!
now we have to read one in school, don't know how it's called, some boring poetry. (CHILDREN'S POESIA) (!!!)


minthoa answered on 09/13/08 (18:27):

The Jewish beech or the escalator down are quite ok. Should you ever be able to enjoy reading Theodor Fontane's Effi Briest, then you will know what real boredom means. In the other books there is at least a build-up of tension and halfway exciting scenes are therefore represented accordingly. In the case of Effi Briet - no report!

Often you have a negative attitude from the start because you have to read the books. But somehow the books often seem to get worse every year. The only one I found really good so far was Schiller, I believe that if, for example, the robbers had been written in modern language, many would love to read him ...

Shadowmoon replied on 09/15/08 (1:16 pm):

with effi briest I have to agree !!!! By far the scare list I've ever read ... these page-long descriptions of some places and then this totally underexposed main character .... and the worst thing about it are always these totally motivated teachers who honestly think these books are good ...
but I still have a suggestion for a totally sick book, how about the confusion of the youngster törless ?? that's really sick ...

Lilo answered on 09/16/08 (11:17 am):

So if I read what you say about effi briest, I can be happy that I didn't have to read it!


What is it about confusion of the pupil Törless (don't have the "sharp" double-s on the keyboard)?

Shadowmoon replied on 09/18/08 (18:39):

sometime before the first world war, töleß played in a boarding school for young people in austria or germany.
It's about a boy named Törless and his puberty problems, who thinks about some kind of junk, about how terrible the infinity of heaven is, etc.
In any case, he has full psychopathic friends, one is a sadistic tyrant and the other is some kind of crank who thinks his soul is superior to others because he has very special knowledge about being human ... at the beginning the sadist finds out that one of the others is stealing and blackmailed him, because if he does everything you say, tell the teachers nothing ... the nutcase makes some experiments about hypnosis with him and beats him when it doesn't work ... everyone rape him and catches foolishly at some point a relationship with him ... and during all the crap törless feelings are always described in fine detail and he thinks he is something very special and superior to others because he perceives the world differently ...
so all in all total scrap!

Lilo answered on 09/19/08 (09:52):

yes, it sounds a bit like junk :)

was that school reading? well, it's not so likely that you read it for yourself;)


Shadowmoon answered on 09/20/08 (17:03):

clear that was a school reading, and the worst thing is that it is compulsory to read for the Abi -.- terrible !!!!

Lilo answered on 09/23/08 (19:46):

yes, i have compulsory reading every month and one is more boring than the other! and then I also have to analyze each book, write what it's about, how I liked it (of course I have to write every time that it was just great and mega exciting) (!!!!)
oh yes, and of course it all has to be at least 5 pages long! isn't that incredible?

P.S. sometimes I think of the minds of those who came up with the school;)

gym nose answered on 09/27/08 (12:31):

Effi Briest boring? This is downright a thriller against "Women in front of a river landscape" by Böll!

Lilo answered on 09/28/08 (12:26):

if I listen to you like that, I can be happy that I didn't have to read all of this!

was that really more boring than effi briest?
because I recently borrowed it from the library and I was only able to read 2 pages!
if it is actually more boring than effi briest, and you have read it, then hats off!

what is "women in front of a river landscape" about, or is it just sick?

lg lilo

Parsley answered on 08.10.08 (10:03 pm):


The most boring book I ever saw was ... * drum roll * ... The swarm of FrankSchätzing. Whoa, that was boring. First I bought it myself because it was number one on the bestseller list. Uh full is the toilet grabbed. The funny thing about it is that the backpack that contained the book was stolen from me and I left it at the doctor's. And then I thought I was saved from a fateful accident, but my dear wife, mother, gave it to me again for Christmas. That must have been more than a year ago and I still haven't read it because it's overloaded with technical shit (that's intentional).

minthoa answered on 09.10.08 (02:05):

The crush was okay, after all, it's still considered a novel. I found the scene rather repetitive than this weird whatever crawled into people ... uh! What I found terrible to my chagrin was Sofie's world. I thought the story around it was great at the time, but I never liked the philosophy part. At some point I'll take it to heart again, let's see if I prefer to read it then.

Parsley replied on 10/9/08 (9:22 am):

Yes, you're right, the crush had a lot to offer. It was exciting and with a lot of interesting people but because of this whole subject litany I couldn't read it to the end. I don't want to force myself because I would have hated the book even more.
I didn't even know that there was a book from Sofie's world. I saw the film once and thought it was really good. Then I'll do the book to myself.

minthoa replied on 10/10/08 (18:14):

Is there a movie of that? In the book there is on the one hand the story and on the other hand there is a lot of philosophy. There are a few other books by Gaarder that are also written in the same style. My favorite book was a book about postcards, but unfortunately I neither know what it was called nor whether it really was by the same author or just by the same publisher ...
I don't even know what was written in the swarm.

Parsley replied on 10/10/08 (21:18):

Yes, it was always about some professors who had to drain their intellectual rubbish. So the story and the spelling and the characters were all good I really liked it but somehow it was all gossiped to death. Maybe I'll get too involved in it. Yes, I think there is a film from. It's about a girl who lives in her own world and behaves in a very strange way and then falls in love with an equally funny guy who collects torn photos from the passport photo machines that were thrown away. I don't know if we're talking about the same thing or if I'm messing something up.
I just remembered a more boring book. I bought it for a train ride. From John Sinclair something with this person who fights against vampires or is even called John Sinclair and the writer is different. Anyway, it was just a chain of boring events. Peng Peng crucifix taken out and sprinkled a bit of white water and all the undead fall over. Totally boring ... In general, I have nothing against pilosophy, but that is also a matter of taste.

Lilo replied on 10/11/08 (14:50):

I actually also think that philosophy has no place in novels, because that makes the book simply long-winded!

I actually didn't find sophie's world that bad, so I mean it wasn't a trill, but since we're talking about the most boring books here, it's not that bad at all.

Coincidentally, I also STARTED to read the swarm, but I really couldn't do more than just start, but that's really boring!

lg lilo

Parsley replied on 10/11/08 (15:21):

Thanks. Finally someone who has my back. The swarm is a real dust collector he just has no charm the swarm (wasn a brilliant pun ...).
I think philosophy is really good for a book (it has to stop). But seriously, philosophy is part of our lives. Everyone thinks about something philosophically all day. It just has to be packaged well so that the reader does not notice that he is dealing with P. I can't think of a good book now, except "And Nietzsche Wept" and "The Schopenhauer Cure" by Irvin D. Yalom. Is a matter of taste. In Matrix, it doesn't even occur to anyone that the film is crammed full of philosophy.
Now I remember which film I mean The fabulous world of Amelie. Well then I missed the target by miles. I'm talking about something completely different. Well then I'll organize the book to have a look.


Bella replied on 10/13/08 (02:41):


I'm really sorry for you all!

At school we only had books that were really OK, I mean, everyone can't always like it, but we had something like KILL - a kind of crime thriller, it was actually really cool when I hear what you guys had.

LG Bella

Lilo replied on 10/13/08 (7:14 pm):

yes you are right about philosophy, that it occurs all the time in our everyday life, and packed in interesting books, nobody really notices it. But I meant the boring, useless and, above all, drawn out philosophy in books is boring, and nobody likes it in everyday life. but I really have nothing against philosophy that deals with current topics. :)

good for you.;)
I'm not saying that I only had to read boring books, but most of them were really boring (examples above). When I read, it often bothers me that it is simply too childish for my age (at least for me). maybe someone has exactly the opposite problem; his books are too "grown up" for the year level, neither of them is something that one could wish for. :)

lg lilo

Bella replied on 10/13/08 (8:25 pm):

@ Lilo
Why how old are you? I'm 15, but I'll be 16 in November.

minthoa replied on 10/13/08 (9:12 pm):

@ Parsley
So Amélie is a very nice film, especially the soundtrack ... I couldn't imagine Sophie's world as a film because the philosophical speeches just wouldn't fit into it. I also read a book about politics once, more like a novel with political insets, it wasn't bad either. Did you mean the novel that was recently made into a film with Will Smith? The ending is apparently supposed to be very ironic, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Even if I repeat myself, school readings are viewed crookedly by most because it is a school reading. We read a really good novel in the 8th or so and my classmates only complained. I mean, you have a book with a gripping action scene, fights and the like, an interesting story and so on, and there was only a bit of mumbling and complaining. Some just don't know what kind of stupid books there are in the world ...

Parsley replied on 10/14/08 (10:11 p.m.):

@ minthoa
yes, I think the Amelie film is also totally awesome no question about it. I'm going to do this book Sophie's World to myself because I'm very interested in philosophy. Politics has no place for me as a topic in novels because it just interests me too little. Political statements and conversations are just ok. I don't know which film you're talking about, I hardly ever watch Will Smith's films.

We always talk about the most boring school books but on the other hand the teacher is of the opinion that everyone should read this book for whatever reason and I think it is impossible to find a book that a closed class likes to read and says wonder what for a great book that is. There is no such book. When we had gone through Schiller and had to read Kabale and Liebe (not even the whole book) everyone groaned, only I was enthusiastic because I just have a lot of respect for the verbal power of this writer, how beautiful the written word can sound. Sure, they all talk weird that is how they used to talk, that gives me the nuts too but there is so much between the lines. Without this school project, I would probably never have come across Schiller and Goethe, so you have to consider all sides of the medal.

lG ^^ ( . ) ^^

Lilo replied on 10/15/08 (11:57):

@ bella:

it's our birthday in the same month! so i will be now in november 12 (that explains that with reading)
it's a shame that you are all so much older than me, but I think if I hadn't said that you wouldn't believe that you are much older than me, would you? (well, maybe because of the typographical errors :))

lg lilo

Bella replied on 10/15/08 (9:01 pm):

Hey, no actually I thought you were older than me :)
When exactly is your birthday (so that I can congratulate you)?
Spelling mistakes don't do anything (happen every time).
I mean it happens sometimes, especially when you write quickly.
LG Bella

Lilo replied on 10/16/08 (12:08 pm):

strange, well, but you'd better have thought I was older than you than who you would have thought because I would be younger because who everyone would notice
, I would be wrong here, because (as much as I have been aiming so far, almost all of them are older than me :(;)

great that you see the errors that way too! :)

well, back to the topic :)

I came up with a totally boring book! namely kafka's "process" (however you write it). I don't want to pretend I would have read it from beginning to end, but a quick scan was enough to see that it is boring to scream!

lg lilo

no-genius replied on 11/12/08 (5:53 pm):

mhhh we are reading at the moment krabat is awesome !!!
and on november 25th we go to the cinema then we have read the book i am looking forward sooooo much !!

Bella replied on 11/13/08 (10:20 am):

You already know this is a forum for BORING books. lol =)
Well, it doesn't matter.
LG Bella

crash teen replied on 11/14/08 (3:37 pm):

"Moon Palace" or "Moon over Manhattan" by Paul Auster - how I hate it! x)

Bella replied on 11/16/08 (13:51):

what is it about ???

blueblacky answered on January 3rd, 2009 (8:04 pm):

The BORINGEST thing I've ever read was Tom Sayer

blueblacky answered on 02/09/09 (18:46):

I don't mind if you disagree, I just found it stupid!

Zsadist answered on 09/20/09 (21:28):

I don't even know what you've got, the crush was great.
What I found boring was "the dragon" that is the first and only book that I couldn't read. I even think most school readings are better there.