How can I wear a tie?

Five reasons to wear a tie

  • May 10, 2018, 03: 13h, no comment yet

Although no one remembers the inventor of the tie (not surprising, as it was worn in the 17th century), it is still one of the most popular men's accessories of the 21st century. Why? The main reason is probably that the tie is a status symbol.

Put on a tie and you will be taken seriously! It exudes credibility. It is no coincidence that the majority of politicians always stand on the podium with self-ties. A tie exudes self-confidence and professionalism, it turns boys into real men.

Everyone can make use of the special power of the tie. Is your closet in the tie compartment unfortunately empty? Here are five great reasons to go shopping.

1. Support with the date
If you want to impress your date, put on a tie! Because someone who exudes respect and power is sexy. However, you should choose a casual tie for romantic get-togethers. Narrow ties or cool knitted or woolen models are ideal.

2. Getting noticed at big events
Festive occasions like weddings and fancy dinners may be the best time to wear a tie. It not only gives your outfit a personal touch in a sea of ​​dark suits, it also sets a stylish and festive accent. It is allowed to attract attention, so choose a cool satin tie in magenta or opt for a striking checked pattern. This makes the tie an excellent alternative to a men's bow tie!

3. Success in business meetings
Would you entrust your money to a banker who doesn't wear a tie (aside from the fact that it's almost mandatory in his job)? Your answer is probably no. Ties exude credibility. Anyone who has a job that requires leadership and persuasion should trust the tie.

4. Celebrate life with color
A tie is a status symbol, but wearing a tie is also a sign of respect. So it is more than appropriate to tie a neck tie at a funeral. It doesn't have to be black. The desire of the deceased to have their lives celebrated is becoming more common. And what better way to do that than with color ?!

5. Make an impression in the job interview
Back to the topic of respect: a tie is also a must for an interview. Not only does it make you look neat and elegant, it also symbolizes that you take the job you applied for and the person interviewing you seriously!

The right combination is also important

No other men's accessory communicates as strongly as the tie. Do not miss this opportunity! But before you go shopping for a tie, it's important to read the following tips as well. In addition to the right tie for the right occasion, the harmonious combination should not be underestimated.

First choose your suit, then your shirt and finally your tie! When you start with the tie, it can be difficult to find the right shirt. Binder comes in an abundance of colors, designs, materials and models, the choice of shirts is more limited, and when it comes to a suit, 80 percent are gray or dark blue.

A golden rule is: The pattern of the tie should always be stronger than that of the shirt! Basically, you shouldn't combine more than two colors and three designs. Never wear similar patterns of the same size. The same color tones with different patterns, on the other hand, are a good choice. Combine dark with dots, dark with paisley or small and large patterns.

Your own feelings are of course important. If you feel good about yourself with a certain tie, you radiate this to others too!