What is Good Amazon Seller Reporting Software

Inventory planning

We know the importance of properly managing your inventory on Amazon. That's why we work closely with our customers to simplify inventory planning for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Our team uses sales data and forecasts to create accurate forecasts that will help our customers keep their inventory levels in stock. This makes it easier for our customers to understand their product demand while working with us. Properly managing your Amazon inventory will reduce the risk of running out of inventory and increase the effectiveness of the marketing strategies we develop with each of our customers.

Our reporting software provides weekly FBA inventory updates every Monday with accurate, short-term forecasts to help you keep track of your inventory levels. We want to help our customers make the best possible decisions about the amount of inventory to maintain while reducing the risk of unnecessary long-term storage fees. If you keep the age and health of your FBA inventory at optimal levels, you can use Fulfillment by Amazon to store inventory and possibly even fulfill your other sales channels through Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

Fulfillment options

An important aspect of inventory planning is determining how your customers will receive their products. The fulfillment option you choose can have a significant impact on everything from product visibility to shipping costs. The main options that any Amazon Seller Central user must choose between are Merchant Fulfilled (FBM) and Amazon Fulfilled (FBA). However, additional options such as Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) give every Seller Central user the opportunity to fulfill products themselves and still receive the coveted Amazon Prime badge in their offers.

Products with the Amazon Prime logo are usually more visible on search engine results than FBM products. However, depending on the product category and competition on the platform, products filled by merchants can be just as successful as the additional fees of Fulfilled by Amazon. Before we figure out which fulfillment option is best, we go through each client's pros and cons of each option so they understand exactly what it is about

Inventory replenishment

The ability to physically ship the inventory to Amazon Fulfillment Center is just as important as choosing the fulfillment option. We've brought on many customers who didn't follow the steps correctly and as a result lost thousands of dollars in inventory in fulfillment centers that took weeks or months to get reimbursed is gone. We'll help you go through every single customer we have on board to make sure they understand how the Amazon Fulfilled option works and how inventory is properly sent to Amazon to avoid unnecessary delays.

Amazon Vendor Central Inventory

Managing inventory on Amazon Vendor Central is significantly easier than on the Seller Central platform. Amazon uses the internal models to forecast inventory and sends orders to your Vendor Central account, which you can then fulfill. How to pay for inventory replenishment is negotiated in the freight terms of your Vendor Central agreements. You will either be prepaid if it is your responsibility to pay for freight shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers, or if Amazon pays for the shipping and charges you a freight allowance.

Get your inventory management on track

Don't let your business keep losing sales opportunities due to mismanagement of your inventory. We have helped hundreds of brands successfully manage their inventory for years, and we know our expertise can add incredible value to your account. Let us help you improve your inventory management on Amazon as part of our holistic account management process.

Contact us today if you need help managing your Amazon inventory more effectively.