Who will top the JEE 2017

How to top the JEE Main in one year

As droppers, we already know what we're going to learn. What are our weeks and what are our strengths?

Here are a few things that are useful for drippers -

• Every lecture is not important

Since you already know what to learn and what to practice, you can skip some topics that you are confident about and donate that extra time to your weak topics.

• Never be cocky about your strong issues

Trust is good ... but overconfidence is catastrophic. So never leave a topic that you already know. End the questions only once.

• Practice older topics from time to time

Once a chapter is done, it is closed for a few months. Do not do it. Ask a few questions about each topic so that you don't run out of feeling for the topic.

• Time is everything

As we prepare for JEE places 11th and 12th, we have a little time to enjoy. Never proceed in the same habit. Always remember that you must fall and waste nothing on the subject from time to time ... or maybe a little stroll.

• Focus on the concept

Focus on clarifying each concept. If you take a conceptual approach, you can solve questions easily and confidently. For example when I dropped. I also solved Irodov earlier. A little Krotov The first few weeks (later I didn't have the time)… although it takes time… but it builds a concept and obviously a lot of self-confidence.

• Be regular

Be regular with your homework. Your chapters. Because you don't get any extra time if you cancel. So get things done every now and then. Don't pile up.

• Short notes are useful

Short notes are very useful when revising .. especially in chemistry.

• Get advice from your teachers

We trust the teachers ... so it's always good to talk to them and get some advice on our routines and schedules.

• Never go into depression

It's one of the most important things ... as a dropper you have a lot of stress and those stresses turn into depression. Never let this depression overwhelm you. Be confident. Have confidence. Remember that thinking is never a solution. .depression is never a solution. every pain pays off in one day. you let up and you mustn't waste any time

•••most importantly •••

• Every topic is not important

Yes. As a dropper, you already know that you don't have to get 360/360 or 100% upfront (pretty impossible). All you have to do is familiarize yourself with an IIT or NIT in a good branch. You are free to leave out some topics that you have not understood in recent years and that you do not want to understand. Because wasting time is stupidity. And using time to the fullest is wisdom. But make sure that these issues aren't too important.

Just be regular, dedicated, have trust, have hopes, leave your comfort zone and you come to your destiny.

Good luck.