Which subjects do INTJs study

How do I get better in German as a school subject?

If you are 2 in math and English and in the minor subjects ... only in spelling you don't get a green branch (LRS has been tested and is not available), can you pass the grammar school?

There is currently no recommendation, it was said 6 months ago, maybe, maybe not. In German it is 4 in spelling and otherwise 3 in essays and grammar. Linguistic expression is good, only when it comes to writing it is a problem.

Should the grammar school be discarded?

Before I am now put down as a pressure-making, over-ambitious mother:

The secondary school in question has a high number of missed lessons, in some cases no English was taught in grades 5 and 6 due to teacher failure.

The comprehensive school in question only accepts children with grades 1 and 2 and emphasizes the elitist expectations already on get-to-know days and, in contrast to Realschule and Gymnasium, is 50 minutes away with several changes.

Realschule and grammar schools (1 small, 1 large) can be reached by bike, only the Realschule is annoying with constant cancellation of lessons and the grammar school could be difficult with spelling problems.

How do you see it? On the other hand, we have high school graduates in our company with a spelling that is astonishing that we even made it to high school. When I was at school, these students were all taken from high school after grade 6.

I'm somehow at a loss right now and the elementary school will only reveal itself in December. However, the get-to-know days for all schools are in advance.

Has anyone experienced poor spelling and high school?