How do I update Exodus Wallet

Claim Bitcoin Gold in the Exodus wallet

With the current version of the Exodus wallet, version 1.43.x, this wallet not only supports Bitcoin Gold as a crypto currency, but it is even possible to claim the corresponding amount of Bitcoin Gold - or to claim, as it is called in English - to which all Bitcoin owners are entitled.

Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork that took place on October 24, 2017. Everyone who owned a certain amount of Bitcoin on October 24th is entitled to the same amount of Bitcoin Gold.

With the new version, Exodus helps you to claim the amount of Bitcoin Gold as you had Bitcoin in your Exodus wallet on October 24th. If you had 0.25 Bitcoin on October 24, 2017, you can claim 0.25 Bitcoin Gold with Exodus.

Claim Bitcoin Gold in Exodus

First, update to Exodus 1.43.4 if you don't have the latest version yet. All you have to do is exit the application and install the new package over it.

Then start Exodus and go to the Help area:

Then click on the green button Claim my Bitcoin Gold now! click. A message then appears:

You will be informed once again that you are starting the process, that your private keys remain secure, that your regular Bitcoin are not sent and that you should make sure that you send your claimed Bitcoin Gold to a reputable source.

After you have read everything carefully, click on Continue to go on.

In the third step you then have the option of the address yours Enter Bitcoin Gold Wallet. You can of course keep the address that Exodus has already filled out for you. This is the Exodus address.

If you have decided on the Exodus address, then you can simply click on Continue. If you have chosen an external address, it is better to check a second or third time whether it is correct.

In this step you still have the penultimate option by clicking on Cancel cancel the whole process. If you are sure click on Check my wallet nowso that your wallet is checked.

After the check, the status message appears:

Exodus tells you how much Bitcoin Gold you can claim, how much the fee is and the address of the target wallet is displayed again. This is the last opportunity to break off the whole process. When you're absolutely sure, click Send.

After less than a minute, the Bitcoin Gold was in my wallet:

By the way, the current price of Bitcoin Gold looks like this, so that you get 146.64 euros for one Bitcoin Gold.

Photo credits: CC0 image, Pixabay

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