What do you like with rice

Rice Recipes: 42 Ideas That Make Rice More Than Just a Side Dish

Creamy risotto dishes

The basic recipe for risotto

The moment when your guests ask you appreciatively how long you have been whirling and stirring tirelessly in the kitchen for this perfect risotto. And you proudly answer: 20 minutes. This is how quickly and easily you can make the Italian classic. To the recipe

Mushroom risotto with celery

White wine and mixed mushrooms for taste. Parmesan for the creamy consistency and celery for the finishing touches. This is what your next soul-food Sunday will look like in cloudy weather. To the recipe

Pumpkin risotto

Fortunately, the Italian rice classic is so frugal and happy about each of your ingredients. In this variant, the small grains move extra close together and make space for pumpkin, leek and lots of crispy pieces of bacon. To the recipe

Risotto with beetroot

A very special ingredient has crept into this creamy risotto dream. A little hint: it is dark red, comes from the earth and is the reason for a very special note. N / A? Already a guess? Maybe the taste test will give you a helping hand. So quickly pull out your fork and taste it. To the recipe

Risotto with radicchio and gorgonzola

One dish, a thousand variations. But none as good as this. The specialty of the purple risotto lies in the combination of two ingredients: tart radicchio and strong gorgonzola. To the recipe

Chilli and sweet potato risotto with spinach

Do you also feel this tingling warmth rise in you right after the creamy risotto melts on your tongue? The reason for this is the small Bird Eye Chili, which, in addition to fine sweet potatoes and mild spinach, creates a fiery contrast. To the recipe

Rice salads to fill you up

Rice salad with beans and halloumi

Salad doesn't fill you up. It even makes for a steadily increasing spring fever the more forks you eat of it. Because when fluffy wild rice mixes with green beans, lime, pistachios and fresh parsley in your bowl, gray clouds are quickly forgotten. If you then bump into grilled halloumi, it can only be a sunny day. To the recipe

Vegan rice salad

For impatient cooks, for tomato eaters, for mint lovers, for pea counters, for turmeric fans and for everyone who doesn't want any animal products in their rice salad. To the recipe

Italian rice salad

In Italy you only know pizza and pasta? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! In Italy's summer cuisine, this rice salad belongs to mozzarella like tomatoes. Try it once and you won't want a summer without it again. To the recipe

Rice dishes from all over the world

Sushi donuts

The good taste remains, but the Japanese finger food was ripe for a change. Instead of rolled up in nori algae, salmon, avocado and wasabi are placed on a rice ring. So they are guaranteed not to get lost in the soy sauce. To the recipe

Japanese onigiri

Tired of sandwiches with sausage and cheese? Then leave your lunch at home and pack these little rice snacks. Not only do they fill you up, they surprise you every day with a new filling. Today with a delicious tuna mix, tomorrow with chicken breast, the day after tomorrow with a boiled egg, the day after tomorrow ... To the recipe

Spanish paella with chicken and mussels

Even if the sun, sand and sea were beautiful now - you don't have to fly 1,600 km for the Spanish original. All you need to do is move into your kitchen, take out your pan and turn rice, chicken, shrimp and the like into paella in 35 minutes. Would you have thought it would be that easy? To the recipe

Spicy Cajun chicken with rice

So simple, so incredibly good. The reason why you still pick the very last remains of chicken, rice and paprika out of the pan despite a full stomach is your homemade Cajun spice mixture. To the recipe

Nasi Goreng

Fried, spicy rice from the wok is always included. But the trappings of the Nasi Goreng are a bit different for every Indonesian family. What shouldn't be missing on your plate? Steamed vegetables, a fried egg, satay skewers and creamy peanut sauce. To the recipe

Indian chicken on coconut rice

Your trip to India will cost you some rice with coconut milk and coriander, chicken breast with curry and a handful of crunchy peanuts. 40 minutes later, you leave your everyday life behind you for lunch. To the recipe

Vegan sushi in pink

Maki, Nigiri and California Rolls call to the table! So drum up all of your friends. Regardless of whether you are a vegetable lover or a vegan fan - you can all eat Japanese power food. Today it is not only presented in bright pink, but has simply excluded animal products. To the recipe

Persian jewel rice

It's not just the saffron that makes your rice precious, but also the sparkling jewels that flash here and there on your plate. But don't worry, you can afford these gemstones too. Barberries and pomegranate seeds also fit in the tight budget. To the recipe

Chicken skewers with coconut rice and mango salsa

If your short trip to the Caribbean had a taste, it would taste like marinated chicken, exotic coconut rice and fruity mango salsa. So close your eyes and dive in for a meal. To the recipe

Black rice with pumpkin and nuts

Today you dine like an emperor. On the menu: mild butternus squash with crunchy pecans and purple-black rice. The rarity at that time was previously only reserved for blue-blooded flowers in China. To the recipe

Stuffed peppers with curry rice

Without minced meat, your peppers have a lot of space for healthy fillers up their sleeves. Chickpeas, carrots, basmati rice and peas cannot be said twice. After a short roasting round in the pan, you get into the paprika boat. To the recipe

Rice and potato casserole with mussels

Save yourself a long preparation time. Do like the Italians in Puglia - just put rice and potatoes raw with cherry tomatoes and mussels in the oven. Your gain: One hour to let the sun shine on your nose. To the recipe

Italian rice balls: arancini

Have you ever fried rice? Then it’s about time you want to try all 100 variations of the Sicilian arancini. After all, it is not for nothing that they are considered the street food par excellence. At the latest after you encounter the classic filling made of minced meat and peas, you will understand why. To the recipe

Vegetarian pilaf

Lamb or chicken have no place in this pilaf. But fresh vegetables crack between the grains of rice, which thanks to coconut milk are particularly creamy. Ginger and fresh chillies also ensure exciting moments on the fork. To the recipe

Pulled pork bowl