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By using this website you agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy. The plot before the opening credits up to the first defeat of the wolf, however, sometimes takes place at a different point than the rest of the episode, which leads to a slight plot jump when edited directly. Although many people associate this melody primarily with the rabbit and the wolf, it was not composed for the rabbit and the wolf. Apart from many unlicensed black copies, the series has also officially appeared on DVD several times.

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As a rule, the wolf gets in trouble with the hippopotamus. Again there are no subtitles. The series are a parody of Russian society. The series is designed in such a way that the world of humans has been replaced by that of animals. Here the cartoon studio was partially privatized and had to integrate surreptitious advertising into the new episodes. In the final episodes, the hare becomes more active and occasionally even intervenes to rescue the wolf.

The result was determined before the show through an internet poll and within the show through a telephone voting.

Again there are no subtitles. In other projects Commons. Further meanings are listed under Nu Pagadi disambiguation. In the classic episodes, Anatoly Papanow spoke of the wolf.

Each episode is about how the wolf tries to catch the rabbit. Hase und Wolf Original title: Until the end of the s, films in the series were mainly distributed as narrow-film mostly in silent versions. The contents may be subject to additional conditions. The title of this article is ambiguous. Comedy cartoon pogosi, children's series.

Hare and wolf

The Russian tone is in a 5. Two more episodes were produced in the year. During the episode, the wolf sees a film clip with attacking human soldiers pgodi the screen in a projection room in the television studio. In the classic episodes, the hare was spoken by Klara Rumjanowa. People usually do not appear on the series. Wolf Episodes 1–18 Klara Rumjanowa: February about casting bands from pop stars in Germany.

Also the hangover - illusionist russ.

There is a synchronized version for cinema use, which is distributed by Progress Film-Verleih. Pjatjorochka bought the rights to the name of the animated film and the phrases from it from the scriptwriters of the Soviet cartoon Hare and Wolf and their pofodi, rights to the nh people - from the director and illustrator.

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August at Commons in other projects. He is an occasional smoker.

Even if the wolf often appears to be a proletarian, it has some unusual talents: In some scenes that take place on the beach, for example, you can see that the sow is wearing a multi-row brassiere that has been adapted to the peculiarities of the pig's anatomy. This page was last seen on the 5th. The hunt always ends with the wolf losing and calling after the hare with a threatening gesture: Sweetest Poison Your Dark Side.


Nor is our scream music. The episodes are numbered, but are not named in the original version. Hase Episodes 1–18 Igor Christenko: The first 16 episodes were created from up to a further four episodes and