Why is Twilio so popular

No social media!:
Consumers prefer to communicate with companies by email

  • Correct communication pays off

Companies that communicate with the right frequency and through the right channels are more likely to enjoy consumer favor. After all, 75 percent of consumers have already rewarded companies that communicate with them in their preferred way (by visiting the website, making a purchase, or generally making a positive impression).

  • The younger generations in particular value personalization

It is important to understand the communication preferences of different populations and generations in order to cultivate meaningful and authentic relationships between brands and their customers. Generation Z and millennials in particular place more value on the personalization of content than older generations and would like to have a say in the specific time at which news arrives.

  • Consumers want to be addressed on the right channel and with the right message

Businesses can gain consumer trust by delivering relevant content at the right time through the channels that consumers prefer. 94 percent of consumers say they find the current communications they receive from companies disruptive.

The lessons learned: This is how companies communicate correctly

  • Don't treat all customers equally. Preferences differ from generation to generation, but in today's world of over-personalization, communication should be optimized for the benefit of the consumer. Businesses should ask their customers what communication they want at what time in order to build a long-term relationship.
  • Use different channels for different purposes. Consumers use different channels for very different reasons and expect companies to adapt accordingly. It is no longer enough just to know the customers' preferred channels - the channel and the type of message must be coordinated.
  • Consider the urgency of the message when choosing the channel. Companies should be clear about which communication is urgent and not use the channels for every communication that customers prefer for quick and immediate inquiries.
  • Choose an omnichannel concept and let customers decide for themselves where they can be reached. Consumers would like to be able to decide for themselves how often and through which channel companies address them. The more companies contact their customers at the right time through the right channels, the more likely they are to be rewarded with purchases or positive reviews.
  • Find out about the demographics of the target group and adapt communication accordingly. The results of the study show that younger generations are open to more channels and more frequent communication, but expect control and personalization.

About study design: In cooperation with Lawless Research Twilio surveyed 2,500 consumers in the US, UK, Germany and Australia about their communication preferences and experiences in August 2019. All of the respondents owned a smartphone or cell phone and were approached by companies in various ways, for example by email, text message, messaging app, social media or a company's mobile app.