What are the strengths of the ACE Academy

Umbrella Academy: who has what skills?

In 1989, 43 children are miraculously born without their mothers knowing about them. Billionaire Reginald Hargreeves adopts seven of these children for his Umbrella Academy. He knows that his protégés have very special powers. The Academy is designed to show them how to use this power to fight crime. Which of the young superheroes has which skills in detail? We introduce you to the students of the Umbrella Academy in our overview.

Luther (number 1): Luther is extremely strong and resilient. In the Umbrella Academy he is considered a capable leader of the seven children. Later he is sent into space by his father and even travels to the moon. As the youngest astronaut in the world, he was given the name Spaceboy.

Diego (number 2): The quick-tempered Diego is constantly at odds with his brother Luther. He is considered the daring rebel of the group who likes to hunt down criminals. Diego is very talented with all kinds of knives. With his lightning-fast reflexes, he surprises each of his opponents.

Allison (number 3): Allison uses her skills to manipulate reality. She is especially good at selling her lies as truths. Reality adjusts based on what Allison says. Allison often selfishly uses her gift for her own ends.

Klaus (number 4): Klaus is able to speak to the dead. He often uses the help of Oujia boards. He can talk telekinetically with his interlocutors. Klaus is also said to have the gift of floating on command.

Five (number 5): Five is Luther's little twin brother. He can travel through time and has already seen the approaching apocalypse. Five spent many years in the future before he could travel back. Since he is not aging, he is trapped in his teenage body.

Ben (number 6): The young Ben died very early, but then contacts Klaus. He has the ability to summon terrifying monsters from other dimensions. These come into our world through a portal in his skin. His foster father is very impressed with his skills.

Vanya (number 7): Vanya is the group's youngest sibling. She is the only one who is said not to have superpowers. Vanya is considered a normal girl who can play the violin mediocre. Even so, Hargreeves seems to have secretly placed hopes on her.

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