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To enable PHP error displays see How to enable and check PHP error logs.

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If a particular page is blank or incomplete (it doesn't display the footer), before you do anything else switch on Debugging and check your PHP error logs.
If a page is blank or incomplete (i.e. no footer is displayed), check she her PHP error messages.
Having established that PHP error logging is working, reproduce the error. Immediately check the error log file right at the end.
an alternative way would be to look for your php error log
way to see blank pages errors is to look at the php error log and find what is there, there always may be a conflict or a bug.
Way to get blank pages error see is on the PHP error log seek and find what is there, there will always be a conflict or a problem.
It looks like there's a back end error, do you have anything in your php error logs? a debug version might also help (which you can get from our svn repository)
It looks like there is one Back end bug, You have something in your PHP error messages? a debug version could also help (which you can get from our SVN repository)
Please change your PHP settings to show the error messages or check your error logs. Then you will find out what is wrong and you will be able to find the solution in other parts of this document.
If those bother you I'd suggest reducing php error report level.
Exams error log screen and record errors here.
No message or error log is generated.
During this process, neither an error message nor a Error log generated.
Hopefully you will see a PHP error message at or very near the end of the file.
At error is an unexpected exception or a PHP error.
On failure, a -1 will be returned in the parent's context, no child process will be created, and a PHP error is raised.
On failure, -1 is returned in the context of the father, no child is created and a PHP error triggered.
For example, the very style of a generic PHP error indicates a system is running PHP.
This check checks PHP versiom from HTTP banner.
This is the PHP version checked against the HTTP banner.
In the Error log Path field, enter the directory location and name of the file currently being used as the error log.
Click Error log to display the last 200 lines of the httpds error log file.
If the error log is being viewed prior to homing, pressing HOME will exit the error log display.
It will Error log viewed prior to homing, the error log screen can be exited by pressing HOME.
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