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Saint Germain was a guest at the court of the King of France in the eighteenth century


This book is dedicated to our beloved Masters, Saint Germain, Jesus, the Great Divine Director, the White Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of the Royal Teton, the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, and the other Ascended Masters whose loving help and support was direct and limitless.


I would like to thank Ruth Monstein, whose suggestion initiated the translation of this German edition and who gave valuable editorial contributions and heartfelt support. Without them this translation would not have been printed. I would like to thank Tahira O'Brien for the time she has generously given us and for her editorial advice, but especially for her spiritual encouragement over the years. I would also like to express my thanks and appreciation to Miriam Lichtenstein for her editorial insights and her encouragement, and also to Gudrun Swantusch for her invaluable suggestions and her editorial contribution. Special thanks go to Kristine Ackermann for making this translation from English as close as possible to the intentions of the masters, and for her generous support in a variety of ways that helped bring this book out.

Peter Mt. Shasta


At the request of the Great Divine Director, these speeches were dictated by various Ascended Masters who appeared in their tangible, visible light bodies. They are not the result of a human effort on my part, an “announcement.

With deepest love and gratitude

Peter Mt. Shasta

If you are interested in a full account of the ascended masters appearing - how they conveyed the talks of this book - and if you want to learn about other true life adventures that show how I have learned these To apply teachings in everyday situations, then read my spiritual autobiography: Adventures of a Western Mystic: Apprentice to the Masters.


The Great Divine Director

In the center of your being there is a great light and you are the light. This is the truth of your being. You will know this light and this truth will set you free. This is the truth that Jesus spoke of, the truth for all humanity, so everyone can know.

And how can you know about this truth? Through direct experience! The light that illuminates every person who comes into this world is a reality - it can be experienced as a reality.

Just as the wind is not visible, but only its effect is visible, only its pressure is felt, so the effect of the light in you can also be seen, its pressure can be felt. And that pressure is a force that is beyond the understanding of the human mind. If you want to see the light, you have to go to the light; and the light is within you - within you, around you and above you. And all things are made of this light, and the light is in all things. There is no thing or person in which the light is not.

But before the light can be seen, it is felt; and in order to feel it you must first develop the ability to feel. And to feel the source of that ability is in the heart. Your heart is the center of your being; it is the center of your feeling, the center where the pressure of light can first be felt - then seen - and it can be seen!

It takes practice. Do you know anything worth striving for that doesn't take practice? Be patient - for the light of God is over the whole world. And you are that light! The more you deal with this truth, the more certain you become of it, and the stronger this truth becomes in you. Whatever you direct your attention to, you will. Your attention is a great lens with which you focus your energy and control your being.