What does el yayo mean in Spanish

What does yayo mean in German? Translation and meaning

The term “yayo” has several meanings. We list them here:

“Yayo” is a slang term for cocaine.

“Yayo” is a slang term for cocaine. (It is pronounced “yeh-yoh”.) “Yayo” is said to have originated from a mispronunciation of the synonymous word “Llello”. In Spanish, the double L is pronounced like a "j". So "J-e-J-o". Due to the US dialect, the "j" becomes an English-spoken "y".
The word "Llello" is a Spanish slang expression for cocaine.

"Yayo" in different languages

  • "Yayo" is Spanish for grandpa / grandpa. "Yaya" is Spanish for grandma / grandma.
  • "Yayo" is the name of a male babysitter in Cebuano. The Cebuano language is spoken in part of Polynesia.

Other spellings for "Yayo" are: "Ya yo" or "Yay o"


  • “Yayo” is the nickname of the Argentinian TV entertainer José Carlos Guridi
  • "Yayo" is the street name of the cocaine dealer Santiago Luis Polanco Rodríguez, who was born in 1961
  • "Yayo" is the stage name of the Colombian illustrator and comic artist, Diego Herrera, who was born in 1961
  • Tony Yayo, is an American rapper and member of the rap group G-Unit (born 1978)
  • “Yayo Aguila is a Filipino actress. She was born in 1967


  • "Yayo" is a song by Lana del Rey
  • "Yayo" is a song by Snootie Wild
  • "Yayo Tape" is an album by the artist Baba Saad
  • "Yayo Tape II" is another album by the artist Baba Saad

American artists - such as Lil Wayne, Rihanna, The Notorius B.I.G., Eminem, Kanye West, Lana del Rey - also use the term "Yayo" in their texts. German rappers spread the term "Yayo" in their lyrics:

  • Arrest warrant - song: "Rotterdam" - song line: "Yayo, watch the flow, Escobar-Pablo"
  • SpongeBOZZ - Song: "SFTB / Apocalyptic Infinity / Payback #forsundiego" - Song line: "Paid videos by Yayo"
  • Gzuz - song: "Ebbe & Flut" - song line: "Ott ticken, Yayo, Haze" ("Ott" is a Turkish slang expression for weed. "Haze" is a variety of marijuana.)
  • Kollegah - song: "Big Boss" - song line: "Snooty like Yayo-Lines"


  • Yayo is a place in Burkina Faso
  • Yayo is a place in Chad
  • Yayo is a place in Ethiopia
  • Yayo is a place in Peru

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