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The 23 best tips & tricks for Spotify

Arne Arnold and Sandra Ohse

If you like listening to music, you should test Spotify. Because the streaming service has a lot to offer. In its advertising-financed variant, it can even be used free of charge. Here you will find the 23 best tips to get the most out of Spotify's functionality.

EnlargeThe best tricks for Spotify music streaming service.
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Spotify is popular. The music streaming service can currently report over 200 million active users. Around half have a paid subscription. Spotify offers a number of functions that can inspire a music lover. Above all, the good, ready-made playlists as well as the weekly new, individually adapted playlist are very much appreciated by many Spotify users. However, these functions are not always immediately apparent and not all of Spotify's options are easy to use. However, with the 22 tips presented here, you can get the most out of your Spotify account. Most work for the free but ad-supported variant of Spotify. However, some tips require a premium account.

How does Spotify actually work?

Spotiy is a music streaming service founded in 2006 in Sweden. Spotify went public in April 2018. The name of Spotify is derived from "spot" meaning "discover". So Spotify is also about discovering new music. Spotify also offers a variety of podcasts and audiobooks. The content comes from all major record companies and from countless smaller indie labels with which Spotify has signed contracts. Spotify can be used free of charge and is financed through advertising. However, there are significantly more functions if you take out a paid subscription, which costs 9.99 euros per month. With the family plan, you pay 14.99 euros per month and can use the service with up to six accounts.

To use the streaming service, all you have to do is install the Spotify software. It is available for almost all end devices and platforms. After registering with Spotify, you can get started. The following tips will help you get the most out of Spotify.

1. Save Spotify music as MP3 files

The Spotify streaming service has no music limit. You can hear as much as you want. Still, it can be useful to have the Spotify music on the hard drive as an MP3 file without copy protection. Because if you want to listen to music on the go on your classic MP3 player instead of your smartphone, you can't really do that with Spotify. The service always requires a Spotify app or a Spotify program.

Recordify freeware saves every song you listen to on Spotify as an MP3 file on your hard drive. The MP3 version is available without copy protection. Technically, Recordify installs a virtual sound card that your music then runs on. The software can also save copies of the music that is actually copy-protected. This method is legal according to the manufacturer of the tool.

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Recordify is easy to use. Start the Windows program from Spotify, log in there and play the music you want. Now start Recordify and choose “Connect to Spotify”. Recordify immediately begins recording every song that is running. You can recognize this by the red "Keep this song" button. Clicking on it turns the button white and stops recording. In which folder the MP3 files are saved and with which bit rate, you set in Recordify under "Settings" under "General" and "Converter". In the test with Spotify, the recording did not always work. Some songs did not contain any sound. Restarting Recordify fixed the bug for a while.

If you are using the Plus version of Recordify, the software also writes titles and artists as MP3 tags to the file. Otherwise this information can only be found in the file name. Or you can use the MP3 Tag software to edit the metadata of the songs afterwards.

EnlargeThe free Recordify software records every song you listen to on Spotify or Google Music. The songs are then available as MP3 files. According to the manufacturer, the procedure is legal.

2. Load missing music into the Spotify app

The range of music from Spotify is huge. But not all artists take part. "Die Ärzte", "Element of Crime" or "Taylor Swift" are not represented or only with a few pieces. Anyone who has become familiar with listening to music with the Spotify app does not have to do without these artists if they have their music on their hard drive.

This is how MP3 files migrate to the Spotify programs and apps: Install the Spotify Windows program on your PC and import the music you want into this program. This should actually work in Spotify via "File -> Import Playlists -> iTunes or Windows Media Player". In the test in June 2016 with the newly released iTunes version 12.4, however, this did not work. But the import works reliably if Spotify is given a folder with local music. You can do this via "Edit -> Settings -> Local files -> Add sources". The music then appears in Spotify on the left under "Local files".

Premium users can also bring this music to their smartphone: Add the music to a Spotify playlist on the PC. Then open that playlist in the Spotify app and tap the slider at the top of "Download". This will download your music to the smartphone for offline listening. However, this only works if the PC and smartphone are in the same network at the same time.

3. Use Spotify playlists on your smartphone as an alarm clock

The Spotify alarm clock app MyAlarm for Android wakes you up with music of your choice. In addition, the app offers various wake-up games such as math problems, shaking the mobile phone, etc. In addition to Spotify, MyAlarm also supports SoundCloud. The app is available in English and is currently still in beta.

The previously presented Alarmify app has unfortunately been discontinued.

4. These are the advantages of Spotify Premium

The basic version of Spotify is free, but it regularly annoys you with advertisements. If you switch to the premium version, you save yourself that. But Spotify Premium also offers a few more tangible advantages that are worth knowing. That's them:

  • Complete access to all songs, also from the mobile apps.

  • Download music to your smartphone and listen to it without an internet connection.

  • Best sound quality of 320 kbit per second instead of 160 kbit per second. The difference is at least noticeable on higher quality stereo systems that are connected via Spotify Connect (next point).

  • Spotify Connect for playback via hi-fi systems and TV sets. The devices must support Spotify. The table and the pages (complete list) and (current models) reveal which ones do this.

  • No advertising.

5. Use Premium, but pay less

EnlargeSpotify always attracts with cheap offers, about three months for only 99 cents. Afterwards, 9.99 euros per month are due, but this can be canceled at short notice if desired.

The various music streaming services such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, Napster and Google Play Music are still struggling to customers. As a result, there are always comparatively attractive offers.

Saving offers: From time to time there are savings offers, such as three months of Spotify for 99 cents. Then it went on with the 9.99 euros per month. The subscription could be canceled at the end of the following month. These prices are limited in time, but a new edition of the offer can certainly be expected.

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