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Projectile (German) [edit]

Noun, n[To edit]

No longer valid spellings:


Word separation:

Pro · jek · til, plural: Pro · jek · ti · le


IPA: [ˌpʁojɛkˈtiːl]
Audio samples: projectile (Info)
Rhymes: -iːl


[1] Projectile fired from a firearm
[2] larger missile; rocket


in the 19th century from French projectile→ fr borrowed, ultimately in Latin prōicere→ la “Throw, throw in front of you” goes back[1][2][3]


[1] floor
[2] missile


[1] Bullet, cartridge, arrow


[1] That projectile penetrated the body.
[1] Here we have Projectiles made of brass with lead core.
[1] Caliber .45 means that the projectile has a diameter of almost 12 mm.
[1] “He looked in vain for the bullet hole in the wooden fence and that projectile.“[4]
[2] "That projectile remained on the approach to the North Pole and had left the lunar center far behind. "[5]
[2] After the end of the propulsion thrust, the rocket flies as a pure one projectile further.[6]
[2] The 4.5 m long projectile should reach heights of up to 130 km and speeds of up to 3000 km / h.[7]

Characteristic word combinations:

[1] sheathedprojectile

Word formations:

Projectile weight

Translations [edit]

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