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Suga (Min Yoongi)


Real Name:

Min Yoongi (Hangul: 민윤기), other spelling: Min Yoon-gi


Yoonie, Min Slug, Black Suga, Swag, Supsup, Motionless Min, Grandpa, Lil Meow Meow


Place of birth:


In his free time he also likes to do nothing, playing basketball, taking photos, music
Min Yoongi (Hangul: 민윤기) was born on March 9, 1993 in Daegu (South Korea) and has an older brother (Min Geumjae). He is known under the stage name Suga or under his solo artist name Agust D. His solo mixtapes also appear under his solo artist name Agust D. Min Yoongi is a rapper, songwriter and music producer. He is a member of the boy band BTS (Hangul: 방탄 소년단), which made its debut in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment (since 2021 Big Hit Music under HYBE). Since then, Suga has written and produced numerous songs for her band, the Bangtan Boys, including the successful singles “Blood Sweat & Tears”, “DNA” and “Fake Love.” Suga is a rapper with BTS. He was a rapper with BTS before his debut Underground rapper, who went by the stage name Gloss. He also starred in the music video "I'm Da One" (Jo Kwon's music video). Suga was one of the live male dancers for GLAM with J-Hope; Jimin and Jungkook before their debut feat. SeeU on the song "Glamorous".

Min Yoongi released his first solo mixtape "Agust D" in 2016. Among other things, he raps about his depression, suicidal thoughts and the negative effects of being in the limelight. For his first solo mixtape he shot music videos for the songs “Agust D” and “Give It To Me”, which were viewed millions of times on YouTube. On September 14th, 2016 Min Yoongi was one of the five artists with his mixtape that were featured on the weekly edition of “Artists to Watch” by TIDAL. He also released another version of So Far Away as part of the BTS Festa 2017 with his bandmates Jin and Jungkook (the song was originally with singer Suran and can be heard on his solo mixtape).

His second mixtape "D-2" was released on May 22nd, 2020. The mixtape reached number '11 in the Billboard 200 chart. The song Daechwita, who also owns a music video, debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Rap Digital Song Sales Chart and was thus the highest ranked and first song by a Korean musician to achieve this.

Under BTS Suga has also made solo songs for example "Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life" (BTS Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1) and First Love (BTS Album: Wings). Suga can be seen solo in the video for First Love.

Furthermore he presented the song "Tony Montana" (original song Agust D feat. Yankie) together with his bandmate Jimin during a fan event "BTS 3RD Muster (ARMY.ZIP +)" 2017.

In 2010 Suga produced z. B. the song "518-062" for Nakshun (낙션) (D-Town). Furthermore, Suga produced a song for an artist other than BTS in 2017. Namely the song "Wine" (album Suran: Walkin) for the Korean singer Suran, featuring Changmo. The song reached the top of the Korean charts in a few hours, for which the singer publicly thanked Suga. At the Melon Music Awards 2017, Suga and Suran received the Hot Trend Award for their collaboration. The song "Eternal Sunshine" on Epik High's album "Sleepless in__________" was also produced in 2019 by Suga. Another song that Suga produced for another artist is the song released in July 2019: "We don't talk together" by the Korean singer Heize (feat. Giriboy) (single album Heize: We don't talk together; Song with MV). Suga also appeared as a guest rapper in January 2019 in singer Lee So-ras' song "Song Request". And exactly for this song there was the Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best Collaboration in 2019. In 2020 Suga also worked on the song "MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS)".

In 2018, Suga was promoted to a member of the Korea Music Copyright Association.

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Facts about Suga:

  • Suga is the second oldest at BTS. (Hyung-Line)
  • Augus D (Suga's solo stage name): Agus is Suga backwards, while T-D stands for "D-Town", his hometown of Daegu
  • Global Cyber ​​University - Liberal Arts Major (Bachelor)
  • Representative Emoji: 🐱 (cat)
  • Suga's zodiac sign is Pisces
  • Suga understands English better than he speaks it.
  • Suga plays the piano and guitar
  • Suga, was called Suga by the CEO because he is pale and his smile is sweet: “I got the name Suga because my skin is pale, I'm pretty when I smile, and because I'm sweet. I chose this name because I want to promote sweetly. " -Suga-
  • At Big Hit Audition he won 2nd place. In 2010, Suga became a trainee for Big Hit.
  • He began to compose as a young boy
  • Before BTS he was a member of the underground rap group D-Town (Town Daegu)
  • Suga mostly sleeps with her hands between her legs.
  • When he was in school he won basketball games a few times and when he was a trainee he played basketball every Sunday. He likes to play basketball.
  • Pets: Min Holly (male, dog) - lives with Suga's brother
  • Suga's parents own their own restaurant
  • Suga is a very good cook
  • The first album Suga bought with his own money was one by Eminem
  • Many fans refer to him as "Tsundere".
  • Suga's own studio is called "Genius Lab"
  • He is an open supporter of the LGBTQ + community along with RM.
  • Suga enjoys taking photos and reading comics.
  • He had previously struggled with depression because he often did not have enough money to afford food or travel expenses. He often had to choose between the two. Sometimes when he wrote and sold songs, he wasn't paid for it.
  • His motto is: “Let's live while having fun. Doing music as your hobby and doing it as work is different. "
  • Suga wrote the song ‘좋아요’ (I Like It) in less than 30 minutes
  • Suga comes from a poor family. In an interview he said: “After our debut, I went back to the dorm and just sat there. I couldn't believe it, a kid from a poor Daegu family could do it. "
  • According to the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA), Suga has now worked on over 87 songs (as of 2019)
  • He mentioned that he would like to become someone who can find young talent.
  • Suga can write lyrics anywhere.
  • I'm grateful for the award, but I enjoyed the concerts more, I wanted to share our music and who we are. -Suga- Australia 2017
  • Suga liked electronic devices even when he was younger.
  • Suga began his rapper career after playing the song "Fly" by the South Korean hip hop groupEpic high had heard.
  • He often writes his music between midnight and 6 a.m.
  • Suga takes the longest to eat, usually around 25 minutes to finish eating.
  • He is very introverted and loves to be to himself most of the time. However, when he takes care of the other members, he is much more open-minded.
  • Suga wants to make music that gives other people hope.
  • He likes to turn up his nose
  • When Suga is excited, he is dancing in a certain way.
  • Suga wrote a letter to V, this letter ended with the sentence: I love you.
  • Suga's Spotify playlist is called: SUGA’s Hip-Hop Replay
  • When Suga is nervous or shy, he is touching his ear (s).
  • Suga has a habit of biting his nails
  • He often licks his lips.
  • Suga said his charm was "stoic".
  • If you take music away from my life, there would be nothing left. -Suga-
  • Suga donated Korean beef to 39 orphanages in South Korea on March 6, 2018. Suga donated anonymously under the name A.R.M.Y, but it soon turned out that the donation came from him. The donation was later confirmed by Big Hit. Suga said that he would like to donate to give back some of the love he received from his fans.
  • At the end of 2013, Suga suffered from appendicitis and therefore had to undergo an operation. Therefore, Suga fell out of the band's activities for a short time.
  • When Suga speaks, he also often makes a humming or sucking noise.
  • Suga emphasized in an interview that it was something very special for him and that he was very grateful that all of you from the band lived together.
  • During Suga's live stream on YouTube on April 24th, 2020, he painted a blue picture and said that painting would calm his mind.
  • In the second half of 2020, Suga underwent shoulder surgery. Therefore, he did not take part in the band's activities for a while.

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