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The universities of Harvard, Yale and Princeton stand for outstanding research and teaching. But not only research and teaching are very important here, there are also the wildest parties here. We don't even need to talk about the job prospects after graduating from an elite university. Many dream of someday like at a university Harvard, Yale or Princeton to study, but very few can do it. If you want to go to an elite university, first-class grades are not enough. If you want to get one of the coveted places at an elite university, you have to pass thousands of other competitors. You can expect elaborate admission procedures and numerous steps that you have to go through. What to expect when you step on one of the Ivy League If you want to be included in the associated universities, we will tell you here.

Become a student at an elite university

American universities like Yale, Princeton or Harvard also attract students from abroad. Who wouldn't want an elite university on their résumé? Who wouldn't want to study at a university that has already been home to many well-known personalities? There are a number of universities in the United States. However, there are only a few that are known beyond the national borders. Some universities are not even known one or two states further.

However, this does not apply to all American universities. There are some who are known, even famous, around the world. These universities include, for example, Yale, Princeton and Harvard. The good study conditions, a renowned campus, wild parties, packed libraries and the best prospects for the future attract students from all over the world.

Ivy League - which universities are part of it?

The Ivy League is roughly comparable to the Champions League known in Europe. In this context one speaks of "The Ancient Eight" which translates as "The Ancient Eight". In the narrower sense, the Ivy League is a league of the NCAA Division I in university sports in the USA. It is made up of most of the sports teams at the elite universities in the northeastern United States. The universities belonging to the Ivy League are not only considered to be the best universities in the world within the USA. Students from other countries would also like to study at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, Brown or the University of Pennsylvania. All of these elite universities enjoy a high reputation and can only offer a study place to a very small percentage of applicants. The term Ivy League is now a synonym for American elite universities. Not every graduate from an elite university is guaranteed to have a career.

However, many well-known personalities as well as some of the former US presidents have degrees from these universities. Anyone who makes it to an elite university feels like they have been accepted into an exclusive club. Studying at an Ivy League university also gives you a network of alumni who can support you in your own career. In order to be accepted into an elite university, however, it is not enough to wave with an average of 1.0 in the Abitur. First-class grades are just one of many requirements.

The universities are on the lookout for personalities, for people who will actively shape the future. In contrast to studying at a German university, studying at an elite university is more market-oriented. Many of the teachers come from practical experience. That means that at the elite universities you don't necessarily have to deal with a professor of politics, but that you learn from a real politician. A real politician knows the problems from practice. However, this form of teaching also has its price. At the elite universities there are fees and these are due at around 48,000 euros per year. You can apply for a scholarship. But here, too, there are numerous applicants for a scholarship. There are now some employers in Germany who are specifically looking for graduates from an American elite university.

Admission to an elite university - there are many hurdles

The Ivy League includes eight universities, all of which are considered prestigious and are among the top 20 universities in the United States. If you want to go to a university like Princeton or Harvard, you have to go through a tough selection process. Every year, many thousands of students apply for a place at an elite university, but only applicants in the single-digit percentage range are accepted. Even for US citizens, it is difficult to get hold of one of the coveted places at an elite university. The formalities alone can drive many applicants to despair.

To apply to a university like Harvard or Princeton, you need a letter of motivation, essays, very good grades, letters of recommendation, proof of funding, proof of language skills and a placement test. The following tips can be helpful if you want to study at an Ivy League university:

  • Start early. You know that one day you want to study at an Ivy League university? Then start compiling documents at least 12 months before the application deadline. Many things take time. If you are here early, you have a good chance of being able to deliver all the necessary documents on time. After all, your application should fit 100 percent.
  • Look for a scholarship. Do you stand out due to your outstanding skills in a sport or do you play an instrument? Apply for a scholarship. There are also scholarships in the USA for students from Europe. But here, too, the following applies: Take care of an application at an early stage.
  • Your résumé will be scrutinized. At the elite universities, they want to see that you've been involved all your life. Just getting good grades and being a hardworking student is not enough. And if you think you can amass a few qualifications right before you apply that look good on your résumé, you are wrong. Social engagement and sport are welcome at the elite universities.
  • You should be ready to think outside the box. Don't just stay in your comfort zone, but acquire additional skills. Other sports, hobbies, languages ​​or travel expand your horizons and you make valuable contacts.
  • If that is possible, visit your desired university on site. You can get much better impressions on site, get to know people and get information. If you visit a university like Harvard or Princeton in advance, you can also rave about the respective university better and more authentically in your application. When reading your application you should feel that you absolutely want to go to this university.
  • Find your support. Try to get in contact with people who are familiar with your desired university. Search for alumni on the university's Facebook page, speak to them or ask who they recommend as a contact. In this way you can get tips and information about the application process. You might even find a mentor who will help you with words and deeds on your way to an elite university.

If you apply to a university like Harvard, you have to reveal your full personality. The university attaches great importance to having future visionaries among its students. For your application you need individual letters, essays, you have to pass the general SAT test (Scholastic Assessment Test) and at Harvard it is common to have to complete two further SAT subject tests.


If you want to study at Harvard or Princeton, you have to be ready to really work hard. Foreign applicants are also accepted and can complete their studies there. Make sure you meet deadlines and obtain the necessary documents in good time. Then you also need a little luck. Otherwise, you still have the summer schools if you want to complete at least one course at an elite university and get a taste of exclusive campus air.

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