How to hack PayPal money


Everyone knows the provider PayPal. You can hardly get past it when you are browsing the internet. When wandering through various hacker sites, I am on the famous one PayPal Money Adder, or PayPal Money Pro, or PayPal hack encountered. Allegedly a software in which you simply enter your PayPal login data, select and / or manually enter how much money should go to your own account and after a few seconds the PayPal account is filled with the desired amount out of nowhere. Does that really work?

Just check it out on Youtube PayPal Money Adder search.

If you now click on the download links given in the article or on relevant websites, you can actually download a program. According to your own research, the software can be downloaded in three ways: one directly without any further hurdles and the other via a paid download. In the latter case, you are usually asked to register for the download with some service provider so that the developers of the PayPal hack can cover their costs. Pretty generous for a money printing machine!

And what's the deal now? Naturally Nothing. If you catch a free download, this software definitely contains a trojan, keylogger, or virus. Without good and up-to-date security software you could pretty much ruin your system.
If you now take advantage of the offer and register with a nonsensical service provider to activate the download of the Money Adders, then the hacker or developer of the software earns some money and the service provider a little more. If you have now downloaded the software, the following usually happens after executing it: Nothing. You can enter your PayPal data, as in the video, but nothing happens on your own PayPal account. In the worst case scenario, the software has been provided with malicious code and your own PayPal account is emptied. Either immediately, maybe later.

Of course, you could now claim your money back because the software doesn't work, but let's be honest: anyone who seriously wants to use this software wants to commit a crime. It is very unlikely that you will accept being prosecuted for it yourself and hire a lawyer or go to the police.

The funny thing is that the software is advertised again and again and there are many positive comments under the presentation videos. But all of this is just part of the marketing strategy and apparently there are still people who fall for it.
Oh, the third way to get the software (as already mentioned above) is the payment option without a subsequent download. Here the provider has already saved himself the programming of the useless software and was also not interested in distributing a Trojan.

So: PayPal Money Adder and similar magic software for asset accumulation are nonsense, endanger your computer, reduce your bank account and can become criminally relevant. Don't even try!