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can slip into soil, plants and anything in general that has mass




Zetsu(Zetsu = tongue) is Akatsuki's spy. He has no known partner with whom he looks for a bijuu and it is not known whether his job is to catch a bijuu at all. The white zetsu is an artificial human, created from the body of a person who was previously trapped in Mugen Tsukuyomi. With genes from Hashirama Senju as Ashura Ootsutsuki's heir, Madara Uchiha created unplanned white Zetsus when he called the Gedou Mazou. Meanwhile, the black zetsu born as a "child" of Kaguya Ootsutsuki shortly before they were sealed, only to be resurrected one day.


Zetsu has a peculiar, plant-like appearance. Its body is covered by two leaves, the mouth of which looks similar to that of a Venus flytrap. Inside this plant, one can see that Zetsu has green hair and is made up of two halves. His right side of his body is black and his left side is completely white. He wears a long, black coat with red clouds and a red inside with a chin-high collar. He also wears a single, unique ring on his right little finger.


Zetsu is a cannibal. One of his tasks is to make the traces of Akatsuki disappear and thus also to eliminate fallen members by eating them up. Zetsu also seems to have a split personality. Its two halves are independent of each other and can communicate with each other through their thoughts. Often times they both have different opinions and seem to have different levels of knowledge, which makes them complement each other.


The first Zetsu or Zetsus originated at the time of Kaguya Ootsutsuki, when they first used the Mugen Tsukuyomi. Created from the bodies of people caught in this jutsu, they were intended to serve as an army for Kaguya. At the same time, the black being known as the black zetsu was born from Kaguya just before they were sealed. The creature made it its task to write and control the history of the Shinobi in order to eventually revive its "mother". So it happened that the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan fought against each other until Madara Uchiha bit off a piece of the upper arm in the fight against Hashirama Senju, which then mixed Indra Ootsutsuki's and Ashura Ootsutsuki's inherited genes and awakened the Rin'negan. So he was able to conjure up the Gedou Mazou, which produced white Zetsu as a by-product of the last Mugen Tsukuyomi after Madara cultivated Hashirama's genes in the statue. The black being pulled the strings for all of this in the background and finally manifested itself as it pretended to be Madara's will and merged with the "main zetsu". Originally the white Zetsus serve Madara Uchiha in his hiding place. When Madara takes Obito in, they are responsible for his recovery and take care of him. Over time, they help Obito to properly control his body and develop a friendly relationship with him. Later, Tobi apparently joins Akatsuki as Zetsu's subordinate.


Task at Akatsuki

Zetsu is the only one at Akatsuki who doesn't have a partner. It seems that, unlike the other members, it is not his job to collect the bijuu. His job is more to get information and to cover up Akatsuki's tracks, for example by eating up the fallen members and getting the rings back. Furthermore, he can also move during the sealing ritual, which is why he observes the surroundings during this time and warns the others of approaching enemies. In addition, Zetsu is apparently in a higher position than the other members, as they report to him directly and also follow orders from him without asking questions.

Capturing the Bijuus

Sasori and Deidara have invaded Sunagakure and kidnapped Gaara, the Jinchuuriki of Ichibi. While Akatsuki absorbs Shukaku's power, Zetsu observes the surroundings and discovers Team Kakashi and Team Gai on their way to Akatsuki's hiding place. Zetsu passes this information on and Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki are sent to stop the two teams from Konohagakure until Shukaku has been removed from Gaara for good. After Gaara has been resuscitated, Zetsu and Tobi appear in Akatsuki's destroyed hiding place to get the ring from Sasori. Tobi finds the ring and asks Zetsu if he could now become a member of Akatsuki. But he only says that this is not that easy and goes in search of Deidara. Zetsu later meets Kakuzu and Hidan in Kumogakure. The two Akatsuki members defeated Yugito Nii, the Jinchuuriki of the Nibi, and handed Yugito over to Zetsu. Who gives the two of them their next job to capture Naruto Uzumaki. Zetsu disappears again and Kakuzu and Hidan make their way to Konoha.

Observation of important fights

Sasuke challenges Itachi to a fight in a Uchiha hideout. Zetsu observes and comments on the fight from a safe distance.

Shuriken can also be weak against the stone that a master throws.

—Zetsu during the fight between Itachi and Sasuke

Even if Sasuke only owns a normal Sharingan and Itachi has the Mangekyou Sharingan, says Zetsu, Sasuke would have a chance against Itachi. Still, he was surprised by Sasuke's strength, but also realizes that Itachi must have apparently been weakened before the fight. He records the fight on behalf of Tobi and after Itachi was dead and Sasuke was unconscious, he went to see Tobi. He found Tobi, who was holding some Konoha Shinobi, and told him about the outcome of the fight. Both went to get Sasuke. Zetsu also observes the fight between Naruto and Pain and then reports to Tobi about the fight that Pain betrayed her. Tobi seems impressed that Naruto managed to convince Pain to betray Akatsuki.

Zetsu infiltrates the Kage meeting

When the Kage meeting is imminent, Tobi instructs Zetsu to split himself into his light side and his dark side so that the light side leads Team Taka to the meeting point. There SasukeDanzou wants to kill Shimura. After Zetsu has shown her, he identifies Danzou for Sasuke, as he did not yet know what Danzou looks like. A short time later, however, Zetsu suddenly disappears and leaves Team Taka alone. He returns to Tobi, who was outside, and gives Zetsu the next job: Zetsu should go straight to the middle of the conference room to tell all Kage and Mifune that Sasuke is very close here. The Raikage immediately rushes towards Zetsu and tightens his throat to threaten him. A Zetsu chokes impatiently and seems to break his neck. But when Sasuke later fights against the Mizukage and thus gets into trouble, Zetsu, who has pretended to be dead, helps Sasuke with the Houshi no Jutsu. It splits up into several copies and attacked the Kage and her company. He withdrew the chakra from the others and used it to give Sasuke his chakra back. The Tsuchikage can free himself from the jutsu and uses his Jinton to kill Sasuke, who can be saved by Tobi beforehand.

On behalf of Tobis

After the events at the Kage meeting, Tobi instructs the white Zetsu to hide near Sasuke in order to help him in his fight against Danzou and Naruto in an emergency. That emergency comes after a second major Chidori vs Rasengan with Zetsu protecting Sasuke from a hard impact. He brings Tobi in because Sasuke is in a tight spot and offers to catch Naruto now and here with some of his own doppelgangers. Tobi forbids him to do this, however, because Naruto is too resilient for him and Zetsu is not a front line fighter.

Meanwhile, the black Zetsu has recorded the fight Kisame vs Killer B and the white Zetsu dissolves his Nari Kawari no Jutsu, with which he had made a perfect doppelganger Kisame Hoshigakis in the fight. These types of Zetsus doppelgangers cannot even be distinguished by the chakra.

Fourth Shinobi World War

Akatsuki's army

In the fourth Shinobi World War, Kabuto Yakushi and Tobi form an alliance. In a conversation Tobi tells that he made about 100,000 white zetsus from the bijuu chakra. He wants to use this in the war against the Shinobi Alliance. In addition, they are strengthened by Yamato's chakra, which Kabuto captured on the island. During the war, Zetsu receives several orders from Tobi, so that he divides himself into his two halves again.

The white Zetsu

The 100,000 white Zetsus go to war with Tobi and Kabuto's revived Edo-Shinobi and quickly meet the enemy forces. At the first encounter, the Zetsus touch the enemy shinobi in battle and can then use their special jutsu the following night. If you have touched your opponent, you can create perfect doppelgangers that are not only identical in appearance but also in chakra to the original and thus indistinguishable from them. The only one who can find out which people are real is Naruto in his special form. Thus Naruto is taken out of his hiding place to fight against the Zetsus. While the fighting is taking place outside, a white Zetsu is in hiding with Sasuke. After Sasuke got his new eyes, he wants to test his new strength and kills the white Zetsu. Whether this was the real white Zetsu or just a copy is unknown.

The black Zetsu

The black Zetsu gets the order from Tobi to take the daimyous of the individual realms prisoner. Since Zetsu can move quickly underground, he finds the daimyous and tries to attack them, but he is stopped by some shinobi, led by Mei Terumii, and engaged in a fight. When Naruto breaks out of the barrier, Zetsu tracks down his chakra and passes the information on to Tobi. He fights the Alliance shinobi and is then defeated by Choujuurou and his sword by cutting him in half and nailing him to the ground. After his reincarnation, Madara communicated telepathically with him and ordered him to keep an eye on Obito while he was "playing" with the five Kage. Then Zetsu seeps into the ground and escapes.

Birth of the Jinchuuriki of Juubi

Obito is weakened after the bijuus have been extracted. At that very moment, Zetsu appears from the earth and takes his body. When he begins to merge with half of Obito's body, Madara is able to force him to use the Gedou Rinne Tensei no Jutsu. After Madara is successfully resuscitated, Zetsu tries to regain his Rin'negan until Minato and Kakashi intervene. Once again, Zetsu merges with Obito, uses his body and fights against his former team. Zetsu also notes that the merger is the only reason Obito is still alive. When both sides take a break, Gedou Mazou appears from Obito's artificial body and quickly teleports away. Then Zetsu tries one more time to take Obito's left rin'negan. When Obito manages to hold back Zetsu from controlling his hand, he asks Kakashi to destroy his Rin'negan. Suddenly Zetsu notices what the appearance of the Gedou Mazou meant and tells his enemies that Madara has got his right Rin'negan back.
While Zetsu Kakashi and Minato face to face, he complains about their stubbornness, at the same time Gaara, Sakura and Naruto appear, who is dying. Zetsu manages to absorb the yin half of Kurama when Minato tries to transmit it to his son - thereby becoming the Jinchuuriki of Kurama. Shortly thereafter, Madara appears. Zetsu tries to get to him to hand him the yin half of Kurama and the rin'negan, but Obito holds him back with all his might and then attacks Madara. To save Naruto, Obito and Kakashi transport him to another dimension with the help of Kamui. When they get there, Obito broadcasts Kurama in Naruto.
Later, after Madara manages to teleport himself thanks to Obito's Sharingan, which he takes from Kakashi, he overpowers Obito by asking Zetsu to take control of Obito's body and receives his Rin'negan. In addition, Madara Obitos implants Sharingan in his body and Zetsu is instructed to use its power. When Madara uses the Mugen Tsukuyomi, it has no effect on the black zetsu.

Kaguya Ootsutsuki's return

During Mugen Tsukuyomi, the black Zetsu notices that the light of the moon does not shine through Sasuke's Susano'o. After the dissolution of the genetic jutsu, Zetsu stabs Madara from behind and cautions him not to believe that he is like Obito and can be used. Madara claims that Zetsu is his will, but Zetsu contradicts him and says that he is actually the will of Kaguya. According to this statement, Zetsu lets the chakra of the people who are trapped in Mugen Tsukuyomi be absorbed by Madara, who turns into a kind of huge ball. After a while, Madara's body contracts and Kaguya Ootsutsuki emerges from it.
Two clones of Zetsu reappear to absorb Sasuke's and Naruto's chakra. While connected to their bodies, he explains and shows Sasuke and Naruto how he made sure Kaguya was resuscitated. After he's done, he tries to get back to Kaguya, but Naruto and Sasuke manage to regain control of their bodies. They tear Zetsu away from you and prevent it from absorbing more chakra from you. Zetsu notices that Sasuke and Naruto are too defiant to harm Kaguya. During the fight against these, however, the black Zetsu has to admit that both do well against Kaguya and suggests fighting them separately. Kaguya accepts this suggestion and sends Sasuke into another dimension.
While Kaguya is fighting against Naruto, he attacks her, with the help of the Kyuubi, with Uzumaki Naruto Ittai Rendan. So he forces Kaguya to open a portal through which she has to escape. However, Naruto succeeds in following her - just like Sakura, Obito and a Naruto doppelganger. When the latter quickly disappears, Zetsu is amazed that Naruto was able to follow Kaguya. She is determined to "regain" Naruto's chakra, but Zetsu points out that Naruto is too strong and that she should kill him quickly. This view is then shared by his "mother" and she uses Tomogoroshi no Haikotsu, which impales Naruto's doppelganger. Kaguya then returns to the normal dimension and realizes that Naruto's "shadow double army" has not disappeared. Zetsu concludes from this that they were deceived and that Naruto was also a doppelganger in the other dimension.

Techniques and special skills

Zetsu consists of two halves that can detach from each other and act independently of each other. Both halves seem to have different abilities, although it is not yet clear whether the special abilities that one half possesses might not also be possessed by the other side. It is also unclear whether they can use their techniques in the same way when they are together or whether they have to separate from the other for individual techniques. In this way, Zetsu, united or separated, can wander through the earth and everything else that has mass. This has the advantage that it can wander from one place to another in just a few seconds and can therefore also spy on the enemy very well, as it can merge with trees or rocks, for example. In addition, Zetsu's white half has the ability to create multiple copies of himself that can transform into anyone Zetsu has touched. Tobi made 100,000 white zetsus, creating an army for the fourth shinobi world war. These duplicates have the same properties and capabilities as their original. If you have touched a person, you can create a perfect doppelganger from this person, who cannot even be distinguished from the original by the chakra. Furthermore, if Zetsu has split up, it can take on a viscous form and embrace the opponent so that they can no longer move and the opponents' chakra is thereby withdrawn. Zetsu absorbs the withdrawn chakra so that his chakra reserves increase or can also pass it on to allies in order to restore their chakra. In addition, Zetsu seems to be able to record fights and play them back later. How exactly this technology works is not yet known.


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  • Tobi was once Zetsu's subordinate.
  • He has two personalities.
    • While the white Zetsu is unstable, the black one is analyst.
    • He is also addressed in the plural and can divide his body into the respective halves.
  • Zetsu is faster underground than above.
  • He was nicknamed "Aloe Vera" by Naruto.[2]
  • According to Tobi, Zetsu is not a front line fighter.
  • His favorite foods are firm foods.
    • On the other hand, he doesn't like konjaku (a type of jelly) and jelly.
  • He would like to fight everyone who seems to taste good.
  • His favorite saying is "free and indomitable".
  • His hobby is to observe special shinobi.


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