In Naruto killing Madara

First class shinobi

Madara took Danzou's body with her. In a room where several Sharingan are stored, Madara hopes that he can take the Sharingan from Danzou. However, shortly before his death, he sealed his eye.

In a metaphysical intermediate level, Naruto tells Sasuke that Sasuke was always his role model. He always wanted to be as strong and cool as Sasuke, which is why he always emulated Sasuke. He was glad that he found a comrade like Sasuke. Sasuke then says, no matter what Naruto has to say now, he will not be able to change anymore. He'll kill everyone in the village. The only options Naruto has to choose from are to kill Sasuke and stand as the savior of the village, or to be killed by Sasuke and go down in history as a loser, Sasuke says. Naruto says he refuses to accept these options as he will not go down in history either as a loser or as the hero who killed Sasuke. None of this will happen. After Sasuke's Chidori and Naruto's Rasengan clash in the opposite direction, both are thrown backwards by the force of their attacks. The white half of Zetsu, who has observed everything in secret, can save Sasuke from hitting a stone wall, just as Kakashi intercepts Naruto. After the impact, Naruto says that "everything is now clear".

Madara now has a right arm again and says he should get the Rinnegan before the war starts.

Kakashi asks Naruto what he meant by saying that "everything is now clear". Naruto is silent. Suddenly Madara trades up in the fight and asks Sasuke what is going on because he has ordered him to withdraw. For a fight with the Kyuubi he will prepare an appropriate “scene”, but now it means retreat, says Madara. Zetzu says he would like to continue in place of Sasuke. Since they need the Kyuubi-Jinchuriki anyway, it would be a shame to miss this opportunity, says Zetzu. Madara then says that he has no chance against Naruto. The kyuubi would be too strong for someone who is not a fighter type. He would like to leave the Kyuubi to Sasuke, Madara continues. Furthermore, he should connect with his black Zetzu and take care of Kisame.

Naruto tries to remind Sasuke of the fight in the Valley of the End and uses Sasuke's words. He says that they are both top ninja now and that they only get along well in combat. If they fight each other, they will both die. If Sasuke Konoha tries to attack, he will be forced to fight him. Until then, he should spare himself his hatred. When the time comes, he should release it completely on Naruto. Because he is the only one who can cope with his hatred. Sasuke angrily asks why he is so fixated on him. Naruto answers resolutely because he's his friend! Kakashi then says that he should leave him to Sasuke. He must not forget his dream of becoming a Hokage. Naruto says if he can't even save a friend how can he become a Hokage? Kakashi tries to defeat Madara with his Kamui, but Madara interrupts him by saying that this jutsu has no effect on him. Then they disappear and Sasuke decides to have Itachi's eyes transplanted to destroy Naruto with all his might. The poisoned Kunai that Sakura wanted to use to kill Sasuke caught Naruto in the cheek and he needed an antidote in a short time.