Is the high school experience exaggerated

what is high school really like in the usa?


the US high school system is basically a comprehensive school up to the Abi / Matura. In the high school system, however, there is also basic vocational training, which is the "first" year of the apprenticeship. In principle, every student leaving high school should be able to find a place in the economy seamlessly because of the broad education, the workers are flexible and the economy is flexible. Training based on the Central European idea or even a dual system as in the DACH countries is unknown in the USA (but can be found in Canada). There it means training on the job, unpaid training or paying for the training yourself. The largest commercial job training centers in the United States are the National Guard and the US Forces. The industry itself hardly provides any training beyond "training on the job".

In addition, the high school filters out the talented students and, depending on the talent, they become athletes, rappers or bankers - what the economy wants / needs. And because there can only ever be one winner, you get used to WTIA (winner takes it all) and performance competition to the max at an early stage. On the one hand, this is much tougher than in Europe, on the other hand, there is no early sorting out of talents in island school systems without further talent creation / promotion, as in Germany. In America, totally jerks can become millionaires, senators or presidents - they just have to be a sports ace or have to be musically. In Germany you have almost no chance for this outside of high school, it is only about managing leftovers and conditioning to become a "subject". Systematic promotion of talent is a matter of the clubs, committed teachers as an individual achievement or luck / chance.

The USA has 52 states (the Hawaians are the American "Crimea" island) and in each state there are different regulations, and in most US states homeschooling and private schooling is common or predominant.

US films and shows reflect the US school system in much the same way as "Fuch You Goethe" or the drama films back to the Feuerzangenbowle in this country. In addition, most high school films end up being "Coming of Age Stories"