What is the penalty for faked death

Faked death: Germans in Mallorca face six years imprisonment

The 47-year-old had faked her own death with the help of her parents to avoid a trial for embezzlement. A private detective found her in Mallorca.

After pretending to be dead, a German in Mallorca faces a prison sentence of up to six years. According to experts, the parents of the 47-year-old must fear a similar punishment because of aiding and abetting. You are accused of fraudulent proceedings and forgery of documents. "The maximum sentence for all three would be six years in prison," said Jaime Campaner, a lawyer specializing in criminal law, of the German press agency on Saturday.

The woman had faked her own death with the help of her parents to avoid embezzlement proceedings. She is said to have cheated her German employer out of one million euros. Last November, however, only the parents appeared in court with a death certificate. The defendant died in a car accident in Rostock in March 2020, they claimed.

Photos on social media

The aggrieved company doubted the information and hired a private detective to locate the "dead woman" in Santa Ponça. According to media reports, the woman became photos of a rare giant poodle and other information that she posted on social media. When she was arrested in her house, the woman confessed her identity, the police confirmed on Wednesday when requested to do so.

The woman has since been brought before a judge, who released her under certain conditions. The 47-year-old is also awaiting the original embezzlement trial.

(APA / dpa)