Is food technology good or photography

Christian Albrechts University in Kiel

The aim of our teaching is to prepare students for a future career in research or practice.

The job description of nutritionists is very diverse. There are various fields of activity in the food industry, e.g. in quality management, in product development or in biotechnology. But also in health care or consumer advice there are areas of responsibility for nutritionists.

Basic information on studying nutritional science can be found here

Excellent teaching in the product development module in food technology.

Food technology was delighted to receive the “LuPe” award for teaching and projects. This is awarded annually by the Agricultural and Ecotrophology Student Council in Kiel. As a result, a cooperation project with the food agency FOODBOOM was launched in the summer semester 2019, with the aim of giving students a practical insight into food photography in the product development module. In the first step, the food boom professionals gave the students valuable knowledge about what is important in the presentation of food these days. In the second step, the knowledge could be applied in the photo studio at FOODBOOM in Hamburg. All product development groups went through a workshop in which they could try out food photography directly on your product under professional guidance. And one can say: The results are impressive!

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