What must PS4 games have

The release of the PS5 is getting closer and many PS4 owners can be pleased that Sony's new console is backwards compatible. Can games bought digitally also be broadcast?

  • The Playstation 5 will be launched next week.
  • So that the switch is easy for PS4 owners, Sony programs the PS5 to be backwards compatible.
  • You can find out which PS4 games are playable and whether titles purchased digitally can also be transferred here.

The Playstation 5 will appear next week. Sony is releasing two versions of the PS5: the standard and the cheaper digital edition *. Playstation fans can then get rid of their old PS4 and set up the PS5 - provided the old PS4 games can also be played on the new console. But is the PS5 backwards compatible at all? And what happens to PS4 titles purchased digitally from the PSN Store?

PS5 backward compatibility: Sony plans to make over 4,000 titles compatible

Sony knows the subject Backward Compatibilityis important to the players. Over the years, many PS4 owners have accumulated numerous titles that they would like to continue playing. Sony had guaranteed early on that the PS5 would be backwards compatible and that most PS4 games would also be playable on the new console - a strong selling point for Playstation users. The company had already announced in March 2020 that over 4.000 PS4-title will also be playable on the next-gen console. Not only that: The games should run at higher or more stable frame rates and also be able to offer a higher resolution. However, Sony must test all PS4 titles individually.

Can PS4 games purchased digitally be transferred to the PS5?

There is also a need for clarification regarding the digital gamesthat have accumulated in the library of many PS4 owners over the years - especially at PS-plus-Members That should be a lot, as they got free titles every month. Will you be able to transfer these to the PS5?

Push Square reports that this will be possible. The condition for this is that the player is their respectiveTransfer PSN account to PS5to which the digitally acquired titles are linked.

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PS5: is there a free upgrade for PS4 titles?

Another question that needs to be clarified is: Can the games purchased for the PS4 be upgrade to the PS5 version for free receive? Sony's competitor Microsoft has confirmed this for the Xbox Series X - thanks to the so-called "Smart Delivery" function *, titles for the Xbox only have to be bought once. For example, those who buy "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla" for the Xbox One will receive the next-gen version for the Xbox Series X free of charge.

It looks a little different with Sony and the PS5. It has been confirmed that this will also be the case with the next-gen Playstation, but not with all PS4 titles. (ec) * tz.de is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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