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Already knew? Curious facts about Canada

Canada is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Beautiful landscapes, untouched nature and modern cities make this country so interesting. Canada is also ideal for a student exchange due to the very good school system and the many opportunities. There are many special features that make the country so interesting. Before you start your adventure abroad in Canada, we want to share with you some of the quirkiest and funniest facts about Canada. And of course the most important laws too ...

The strangest facts

10 percent of the world's total forest area is in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is a miracle in several ways: despite its size, it is the country with one of the lowest population densities. One of the reasons for this is that Canada consists of a lot of nature - that is, forests, wilderness, water. In fact, half of Canada is made up of forests. With this area, Canada's forests take up 10 percent of the world's forest area.

Canada is the Hollywood of the North

Many Hollywood films have already been filmed in the world metropolis of Vancouver. As the Hollywood of the North, it has classics like X-Men, Supernatural or Twilight to offer.

Canada did not have its own flag until 1965

The famous Canadian flag was first hoisted on February 15, 1965. Before that, Canadians did not have their own national flag. Nowadays it has a high recognition value with its red maple leaf.

Canada is so big that it has 6 time zones

In Canada there are time differences even within the country. You can encounter the Mountain Standard Time, the Central Time Zone, the Atlantic and Pacific Standard Time, the Eastern Standard Time Zone and the Newfoundland Time Zone. That can be confusing.

Open car doors

Cars are never locked in the town of Churchill, as this allows people to escape into a car in the event of a polar bear attack. Don't be afraid of your stay in Canada, but it's still good to know!

Funny quick facts

  • The name Canada is based on a translation error.
  • The name Canada consists of 50% a
  • Canadians are always friendly and even apologize for apologizing
  • The Canadians built a UFO landing pad
  • Caramels are to Canadians what chocolate is to others
  • Letters to Santa Claus have the postcode H0H0H0 in Canada

The curious laws of Canada

  • In Nova Scotia, it is strictly forbidden to water your lawn during a rain shower.
  • In Canada, it is possible to detain a restaurant or hotel owner for not having accommodation for guests with horses.
  • Passengers are not allowed to leave the aircraft during the flight. Anyone who does it anyway - without a life-saving device (with which it would be allowed) - and survives, will arrive on the ground, expected with a parking ticket.
  • Winnipeg residents are not allowed to walk around their homes naked. The curtains or shutters must be closed for this.
  • According to the law, two ships are not allowed to have the same position at the same time on the same body of water.
  • In Calgary, permission must first be sought from the mayor to have a snowball fight.

There were some strange laws and bizarre facts about Canada in it, right? Of course, this shouldn't stop you from doing your student exchange in Canada, but instead increase your anticipation. With our tips on how to learn English the fastest, you will surely settle in quickly. Let's go to the country, where you can write to Santa Claus from 6 different time zones and thank you and apologize for everything. Welcome to Canada!

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