What makes an artist famous?

Famous artists from Romanticism to Art Nouveau

Who were the most famous artists of the 19th century? We have made a list for you of those artists of the various styles from Romanticism to Art Nouveau that you should know.

Famous artists of the romantic era

→ Famous artists of the romantic era

  • Théodore Géricault, French painter
  • Eugène Delacroix, French painter
  • Victor Hugo. The black romantic, French author and graphic artist
  • Philipp Otto Runge, German painter and graphic artist
  • Caspar David Friedrich, German landscape painter
  • Johann Wilhelm Schirmer, German landscape painter, founder of the Schirmer School
  • William Blake, British painter, printmaker and poet
  • John Constable, British painter
  • William Turner, British painter
  • John Everett Millais, British painter
  • James McNeill Whistler, American painter
  • Carl Spitzweg, German painter
  • Julia Margaret Cameron, British photographer

Famous artists of realism | naturalism

  • Gustave Courbet, French painter
  • Jean-Francois Millet, French painter
  • Rosa Bonheur, French painter
  • Marie Bashkirtseff, Russian (Ukrainian) -based painter in Paris
  • Louise-Cathérine Breslau, German-Swiss painter and lithographer in Paris
  • Carl Blechen, Berlin landscape painter
  • Wilhelm Leibl, German painter
  • Otto Modersohn, German landscape painter
  • Emil Jakob Schindler, Austrian landscape painter
  • Marie Egner, Austrian landscape painter
  • Olga Wisinger-Florian, Austrian landscape painter
  • Henry Kirke Brown, American sculptor
  • John Quincy Adams Ward, American sculptor
  • Frederic Remington, American illustrator, painter, and sculptor
  • Elizabeth Nourse, American-born painter in Paris
  • Anders Zorn, Swedish painter and printmaker (etcher)

Famous artists of historicism | Salon painting

Famous Impressionist Artists

  • Edouard Manet, French painter
  • Edgar Degas, French painter
  • Claude Monet, French painter
  • Auguste Rodin, French sculptor
  • Gustave Caillebotte, French painter
  • Camille Pissarro, French painter
  • Alfred Sisley, French painter
  • Mary Cassatt, American painter
  • Berthe Morisot, French painter
  • Giovanni Boldini, Italian-French painter
  • Max Liebermann, German painter
  • Max Slevogt, German painter
  • Lovis Corinth, German painter
  • John Singer Sargent, American painter
  • Paolo Troubetzkoy, Italian sculptor
  • Rembrandt Bugatti, Italian sculptor

Famous artists of symbolism

Famous Post Impressionist & Pointillist Artists

Famous Art Nouveau artists