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Berlin : Techno music with timpani and trumpets

With his appointment calendar he himself hangs out the foreign minister: 25.11. Cape Town, November 26th Johannesburg, 2.12. Rio, 3.12. Buenos Aires, December 8th Tokyo, December 9 Shanghai, December 10th Taipei, 12/30 Las Vegas, December 31. Los Angeles. And - next Monday, Paul van Dyk is in Berlin. The man, who has just been voted the best DJ in the world by a professional audience and fans from 147 countries, appears in the tipi tent together with the Babelsberg film orchestra. Turntable plus synthesizer plus 50 classical instruments. It won't be one of the usual pop-goes-classic numbers, but an experiment. For everyone involved.

They have already performed together once: at the state ceremony for the Day of German Unity in Potsdam, when Wolfsheim singer Peter Heppner sang the "Wir sind wir (Ein Deutschlandlied)" composed by Paul van Dyk. It was precisely the Brandenburg State Chancellery that brought the so diverse musicians together at the time, says Klaus-Peter Beyer, the director of the film orchestra. Together with the RBB, this gave rise to the idea for further experiments with modern music. "Close your eyes and through, we said," reports Beyer. At what level do classical musicians and a DJ who has become famous above all with danceable trance sounds that flow out of the boxes like a stream of body-warm water - broad and powerful, but never in such a way that you choke yourself up? "Musicians always find a common language, even if they speak different dialects," says Beyer. He thinks Paul van Dyk's music is “definitely very exciting” and has no doubts about its enrichment for his own orchestra: “You take something with you from every relationship.” And what does the orchestra plus DJ sound like? "You don't talk about music - you hear music!"

Heppner will also be there on Monday, as will singer Wayne Jackson. Paul van Dyk, who almost belongs to the inventory of the RBB with his weekly “Advanced Electronic Music” presented on Radio Fritz (every Wednesday from 8 to 10 p.m.), announces “not necessarily the most danceable” works: “It will be a classical concert with classical instruments and some electronic elements. It has not yet existed in this form. "

“Delicatessen” is the name of the event because you can also eat something in the tipi. Part two follows on Tuesday evening: the film orchestra plus Frank Popp, who had a huge hit with “Hip Teens (Don't Wear Blue Jeans)” and who has just topped it off with his new album “Touch & Go”. Both concerts will be broadcast live on Radio Eins (from 9:05 p.m.) and on RBB television at the beginning of December. Depending on the response, the series should be continued.

The Tagesspiegel is giving away 5 free tickets for each of the two evenings. Applications by email to [email protected] Please indicate whether you would prefer to experience Paul van Dyk (Monday) or the Frank Popp Ensemble (Tuesday) and a telephone number where you can be reached on Monday between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

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