Which artist sang the song Self Control

Laura Branigan - Self Control

Laura Branigan "Self Control"

Year: 1984
Length: 3:54
Label: Atlantic

Laura Branigan "Self Control" from 1984

The song was first written by the Italian singer and songwriter in 1983 Raf (civil: Raffaele Riefoli, in Germany it was called Raff known, Raf sounded the record company too much like Red Army Faction) released. His version was a ballad with slight disco influences. So is the version of Laura Branigan a cover - which hardly anyone knew at the time of publication. Paradoxically, saw himself Raf even exposed to allegations of plagiarism - a misunderstanding that Laura Branigan could dissolve quickly. In terms of content, the hit isn't particularly profound, it's about a lady who likes to lose control in the afterlife. In the video, the night is embodied by a man in a mask who appears and disappears from time to time. This simple plot was already too hot for MTV and they didn't play the video. For Laura Branigan it became her greatest success after she had already brought the hit "Gloria" into the charts in 1982. The version of Raf made it to number 2 in the German charts at the same time, Laura Branigans Version topped the charts - a staggering "self control" double pack at the top of the charts in June 1984.

Raf "Self Control"

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