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How is a car sound system set composed?

  1. Car radio
  2. speaker
  3. Subwoofer
  4. Amplifier

There is a huge selection of models on the market for every component and you can find everything from very cheap to extremely expensive from bad to good Sound quality. You can also buy car sound systems in a package, although there are of course all possible combinations. You can buy a car sound system set cheaply for low prices or you can look in higher areas. Here it says: higher costs mean higher quality. It is best to take a look at a car sound system test before buying. A car sound system set Test winner is for example a Bose car sound system set or sets from the brands Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC or Sony.

The system is controlled from the car radio, it is the heart of the car hi-fi system. You can dock external devices such as smartphones or mp3 players or the car radio through a moniceiver (Multifunction device) replace. Such a moniceiver bundles the functions of a car radio, a hands-free system, a receiver for WiFi music and Bluetooth, a navigation device and a CD or DVD player.

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The speakers generate the sound of the car hifi set. If you don't want to buy a complete set, but want to purchase the parts of the hi-fi system individually, you have to see that the Wattage of speakers and car radio are the same. The loudspeakers installed in the front of the car are called the front system. They are installed in the front doors, in the dashboard or in the A-pillar.

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A decent subwoofer is an integral part of a good car hi-fi system. It amplifies the low frequencies, the bass more intense and thus the sound experience rounder and juicier. There are two types of subwoofers: Active subwoofers and passive subwoofers. For an active subwoofer you need an input signal and power, for a passive subwoofer you need an amplifier. You may need to install a second car battery if the subwoofer is using too much power.

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Tip: Sometimes subwoofers cause noise such as rattling in the car due to the thumping bass. If this is the case, the car should be insulated, for which different materials can be used.

An amplifier (also called a power amplifier) ‚Äč‚Äčensures a better sound with better dynamics. A modern amplifier isn't that big and doesn't take up a lot of space. This makes it easy to install. It can be built under the seat and with a remote control Taxes.

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Should I buy the parts as a set or individually?

variantAdvantages and disadvantages
  • optical coordination of the individual parts
  • Ohm value, resistance, etc. fit together perfectly
  • you get the correct cables, adapters and plugs
  • no time-consuming search, so time savings
  • given sound
  • Very large selection
  • a lot of bad things in the low price offer
Components individually
  • more individual composition of the system
  • the sound can be adjusted more individually
  • you need more basic technical knowledge
  • mistakes happen more often
  • the vehicle can be damaged by errors

What to consider when buying


  • Which genres of music do I listen to most often? For rock or hip-hop music, you should get a subwoofer for the bass.
  • Which components are present in the set? One sound system for the car, for example, only contains the loudspeakers and the power amplifiers, the other car stereo system has no power amplifier.
  • You should also make sure that cables, plugs and adapters are included.
  • You should think carefully beforehand whether you can install the system yourself or whether you need a specialist.
  • The correct insulation should be available in the car to prevent annoying rattling noises (e.g. from the car exhaust).
  • Save in the right places. If you look at the brand manufacturers and a winner from a car sound system test, you may have to bear higher costs. But in the end the product is also of high quality. It is better to pay more and get higher quality than buy a cheap car sound system set and end up with poor quality in your hands.

Install the car stereo system yourself

  • You definitely need a good car radio with the important connections for the amplifier, for example. You can find many reviews for car radios on the Internet.
  • A good quality speaker set is very important. Such a set usually consists of two woofers and two tweeters.
  • You need the right cables to properly couple all devices.

Where can I buy my car sound system complete set?

You can get car hi-fi systems everywhere: Order in the online shop and have it delivered to your home? No problem. The advantage: You have a good car sound system set comparison and one at the same time Price comparison. A good car stereo system is also available from Conrad, Media Markt or Saturn. There you can count on the experience of the seller and get a recommendation. It is best to choose a car sound system complete set test winner.

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These brands have emerged as winners from many sound system car tests:

Before buying a sound system for the car, you should take a look at a car sound system test on the Internet and find out what your needs are. Which system suits me? The best thing to do is look after you Car sound system set test winner, because this was chosen as one in a sound system Auto Test. Because only the best car sound system set can be created

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