How can I view my saved passwords

How can you display your password?

Nowadays almost everyone owns a computer, laptop or cell phone, which they use surf the Internet and manage different accounts can. To get among other things against identity theft or misuse of data To protect, every device and account should be protected with a different, secure password. With a Password generator you can easily create a new password again and again.

Since many people find it difficult to complicated passwords Remember, they save their passwords in a document, in a program, in apps, in the browser or via online platforms.

However, what can you do if you forget your saved or unsaved password? How can you do this display?

In this guide we will tell you how to set your password in the browser and your WiFi password can be viewed on different devices.

How can you display your password?

For example, if you have your Email password forgot, it is advisable to search your browser first, as many Internet browsers will send a local storage function offers, in which the access data is saved and at the next login filled in automatically become. You can do this in the area "Attitude" or "Security" Your browser and display the password there.

Do you have this Password not saved, however and would like to have it displayed, you have the option on the Internet download free software and have the password listed by them.

Do you want that Password asterisk in input fields, you can usually just use the field "Show password" activate. Otherwise you can Add-ons for the respective browser download the saved passwords always automatically Show.

How can you display your WiFi password? As a rule, the WiFi password is always there on the bottom of the router. However, if you want the password to be displayed on your devices, go to "Settings", then on "Wireless & Network" and choose"WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS". click on the name of the connected network. You can then enter the WiFi password in the field "WLAN network key" display.

Below is how to set the WiFi password on the individual devices can display:

  • Display the WiFi password on a Mac: You can also display the password under MacOS by clicking on "Utilities" under "Applications" and then on "Keychain Access". Enter the name of the WLAN and click on "Password of the AirPort network" and then on "Show password".
  • Display the WiFi password in Windows 10: For Windows you do not need any additional software to display the password. To do this, right-click on the WLAN symbol and select "Open network and sharing center". In the new window under “Show active networks” click on the link next to “Connections” and then on “Wireless properties”. You can display the password by clicking on "Security" and ticking the box in front of "Show characters". The password is displayed in the "Security key" field.
  • Display the WiFi password on the iPhone: In order to display the WiFi password on your iPhone, you must first jailbreak it so that you can download non-Apple products. After installation, you can download the "Wifi Passwords" app via Cydia and then read out the WiFi password.
  • Display the WiFi password on Android: In order to display the password on an Android device, root access to the smartphone must be activated. You can then install and start the “Wifi Key Recovery” app. Then go to "Settings", then to "Wireless & Network" and then to "WLAN". There you can read the password with a code scanner.

Conclusion: How to display the password

  1. If you have saved the password in the browser, you can display it by clicking on "Settings" and then on "Security" click. Otherwise, you can use a Freeware download and have them read your passwords.
  2. If you want to display the password asterisks in input fields, you can use the field "Show password" activate. In addition, there are add-ons available for download, with the help of which saved passwords are always displayed automatically.
  3. The WiFi password can always be seen on the router. You can also enter the password under "Settings" display.
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How can you display your password?
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