Which editor do YouTubers use for free

The best YouTube editing programs

Most YouTubers are faced with the question of which one, especially at the beginning of their career Video editing program is the best for your needs. The demands often change over time. After a few months or years it can happen that the selected video editor is no longer sufficient and a change is necessary. High quality editing programsHowever, which cost a few hundred euros, are not always the best for the respective purpose. In addition, experience, technical skills and the time available also influence the selection. But what do you have to pay attention to when editing videos, which editing programs YouTubers use and how do you find the perfect editing program that suits your own needs?


  1. What should you watch out for when cutting YouTube videos?
  2. Which editing programs do YouTubers use?
  3. Strengths and weaknesses of the individual video editing programs
  4. Conclusion

What should you watch out for when cutting YouTube videos?

Cutting and editing videos is not as difficult as many initially assumed. With a few tips and tricks, anyone can produce high quality videos these days, even without expensive software. In videos in which the speaker or speakers are in the foreground, it is important to find the right excerpt. Recordings that are too close often appear amateurish and recordings that are too far appear distant. Concepts such as the Frog or bird's eye view help to find the perfect angle. In addition, videos from established YouTubers can offer a lot of inspiration and reveal new possibilities. At the beginning in particular, it is advisable to use simple cuts with few transitions. The editing looks so timeless, which means that the videos are still representative even after a few years. In addition, rigid videos can be loosened up by fading in or taking close-ups of a specific object. For this reason, it is advisable to do the basic cut of the video first so that the video is in the correct order. If enough material is available, monotonous parts can easily be replaced later.

Which editing programs do YouTubers use?

The selection of editing programs on the market is now huge. The offer ranges from simple free editing programs and free software to professional software that can even be used to edit entire movies. Which movie maker is the right one depends not only on personal preferences, but also on the operating system used, your own experience and personal requirements. We took a closer look at eight different tools and movie makers that are currently very popular with YouTubers and give a little insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the YouTube favorites below. The ranking of the tools is alphabetical and therefore does not correspond to a top 8 list that starts with the best program.

1. Adobe Premiere

Screenshot of the Adobe Premiere website

Adobe Premiere is probably one of the most popular editing programs currently available on the market. The powerful tool ousted the former top dog Final Cut Pro X from the top position in recent years. The high-quality software from Adobe can be installed on both PC and Mac and is particularly suitable for professional YouTubers. The program offers all the features and tools that are necessary for editing videos at the highest level and is now considered an industry standard. However, the major disadvantage of the software is its price, with high discounts for schoolchildren and students.

Price: from € 23.79 / month (incl.VAT)

2. DaVinci Resolve

Screenshot of the DaVinci Resolve website

This smart editing program was originally used purely for photo editing. Nowadays, however, DaVinci Resolve can also cut and edit videos, and the video editing program is free. The complex color corrections in particular are considered to be the software's unique selling point. In addition, the video editing program also supports 4k content. A good graphics card and at least 8 GB of RAM are required for smooth video editing. The menu navigation is sometimes demanding, so that users have to bring a little time and patience at the beginning.

Price: Basic version free of charge

3. Final Cut Pro X

Screenshot of the Final Cut Pro X website

Final Cut Pro X is a tried and tested classic that has been used on Mac and PC for years and is particularly popular with experienced YouTubers. The Movie Maker supports the import from different devices and an export function for 4k content is also available. In addition to an understandable user interface, the paid program includes all functions that are required for professional editing, although it is designed more for consumers. Unlike Adobe Premiere, there are no monthly subscription fees. However, the purchase price of the software is several hundred euros.

Price: € 329.99

4. iMovie

Screenshot of the iMovie website

iMovie is considered the classic among free editing programs. The program is characterized by its intuitive interface and simple menu navigation. The software is perfect for those who are new to the subject. It offers a range of video effects, style sheets, and soundtracks that are free to use. In addition, the smart video editing program supports 4k content and can be used on a Mac, smartphone or tablet. Videos can be cut without expensive hardware while traveling, and many features can be used via drag-and-drop. However, one looks in vain for professional features for advanced users. Rather, it's a solid and reliable tool for getting started on YouTube.

Price: Free for Mac users

5. Lightworks

Screenshot of the Lightworks website

Lightworks is available in both a free and a paid version, with the biggest difference being the export function of special video formats. The cutting program has a very large range of functions in both versions. The menu navigation seems a little complicated for beginners at first. The program, which has already been used to cut movies, is therefore perfect for advanced YouTubers who want to cut sophisticated videos.

Price: from 19.99 €

6. Shotcut

Screenshot of the Shotcut website

Shotcut is a free program with an impressive range of functions. The sophisticated cutting program is suitable for Mac, Windows and Linux and also supports complex color adjustments. Shotcut also includes a comprehensive library of codecs and also allows the editing of high-resolution 4k content.

Price: Free

7. Windows Movie Maker (WMM)

The WMM is one of the small editing programs, and the tool is particularly easy to use. The program includes numerous effects and transitions and is considered a solid all-rounder among the free editing programs. The tool has been on the market for many years and a number of YouTubers have cut and edited their first videos with the WMM.

8. Wondershare

Screenshot of the Wondershare website

A very practical, but unfortunately also chargeable editing program is Wondershare. In addition to classic editing functions, it also offers a variety of filters, transitions and features that make professional video editing a breeze. The trial version is recommended for those who are undecided, with which users can put the software through its paces free of charge for 30 days.

Price: from $ 44.99

Strengths and weaknesses of the individual video editing programs

For beginners are suitable for both the Windows Movie Maker as well as iMovie. Both video editing programs offer novices a good entry point into the subject and make you want more. iMovie has the advantage that it is already preinstalled on Apple products and libraries can be downloaded quickly from the Apple download page. For advanced and professional YouTubers However, these two programs are kept too simple. It is therefore recommended for ambitious users Wondershare or Lightworks, both of which have a considerable range of functions, but do not consume a great deal of budget. All those who do not want to compromise in terms of quality and functionality should go to the Industry leaders Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere grab, where Final Cut Pro X has a simpler menu navigation, which noticeably shortens the familiarization time.


Nowadays, video editing at a high level no longer requires high investment sums. Many video editing programs are available free of charge and you can also find many YouTubers on YouTube itself, who provide beginners with tips and tricks to help them get started.

About the author: Julian is CMO & Co-Founder of Reachbird.io and is responsible for all marketing activities of the company. He has already proven his expert knowledge in the field of social media & influencer marketing at lectures such as Cebit, Transformamus, InfluencerCon or WebStages.