Can beat Saitama better than Zeno

Why is One Punch Man considered a parody anime?

TL; DR: One Punch Man is not a parody of a single manga, but a parody of the entire Shonen genre. It makes fun of its codes, so it can be considered a parody.

To understand better, I'll compare One Punch Man to Dragon Ball. I'll use the anime for comparison, but it's pretty much the same for the manga. This can and should be applied to many Shonen series, and not just Dragon Ball. Their use is intended as an example only.


In One Punch Man, the fights are over the moment Saitama hits an enemy (with the exception of the last fight). The moment when the fight continues is very brief. In Dragon Ball, the battles can last many episodes. For example, the famous fight between Frieza and Goku lasted 10 episodes (see How much airtime did planet Namek take to blow up)?

Reason to fight

Saitama fights because he just be a superhero want . For him, being a hero is a hobby. On the other hand, Goku fights because he wants to save his friends and the earth, while Vegeta fights to become the strongest fighter ever. Gohan wants to save the earth so that he can learn peacefully and so on. One Punch Man deconstructs the Shonen hero's goals: when you read / see it, you get the feeling that everyone can be a hero, it's not that hard . This goes even deeper as C-Class heroes are more likely to be random people.


As mentioned in this post, Saitama's training is just ridiculous compared to the strength he has gained, and it is even more so when compared to the training in another anime.

The hero himself

Saitama is no bad guy. While this can be viewed as primarily opinion-based, there are a few elements that can help us understand that he was not meant to be a charismatic character. Although every enemy and character is well drawn, Saitama is drawn in a very simple style and leads us to feel that Saitama is not in the universe . A good example is Boros's transformation, which is pretty similar to Dragon Ball's evolutions (this isn't even my final shape). While the transformation itself is very well drawn, Saitama's reaction is pretty outside of the universe

And so on ...

There are many other things that could be mentioned, such as the fact that we see the hero doing occasional things (groceries, dining alone, ...).


No +1 just because you said he wasn't a bad guy.


@akaltar I said it wasn't designed that way which is very different: p


One-Punch Man basically takes tropes related to the Shonen genre (and not only, the parody can easily be extended to western media) and pokes fun at them by showing them in a very distorted way by he blows them out of proportion (kills everything) in one fell swoop, a superhero organization, an urban area where people are completely deserted due to their danger) by being ridiculously downplayed (Saitama's training, class C heroes) or directly mocked (heroes Class C gather to only fight the Sea King) to be squeezed in a few seconds).

Zibadawa Timmy

Saitama's simple appearance is a throwback to the original webcomic in which he always looks like an inconspicuous person. That was the central feature of its design and backstory: just a generic, humble, normal sucker who gains overwhelming power by more generic and normal means. In your special image, the use of it pays homage to one of the iconic moments in the webcomic. The anime is based on the manga from which the "serious mode" Saitama originates. It's chiseled, well drawn, emotionally tense. The webcomic style is used to emphasize its boredom and simplicity.