Media become Orwellians

Diplomatic begging in Berlin and complete shutdown of social media

Today the Turkish Foreign Minister, the Specialist from Ex-External Siggi and the Tourism Minister of Turkey arrive in Berlin and want to meet the German Foreign Minister. It's a begging tour. Germany should be changed and should lift the travel warning in connection with Turkey. What a farce. For something like that there is secret diplomacy. You would first have to explain the foreign word ‘diplomacy’. The ‘secret’ is already known. Why should Germany change its mind? After 18 years of Erdogan, they have an ace up their sleeve for the first time, more of a joker. For the EU and Germany, now is the time to demand.

"Out with the political prisoners in Turkish prisons, then we'll talk more!"

I would say if I were the German Foreign Minister, but even in that case Germany would be in a bad light if such a decision (the travel warning that has been pronounced), allegedly well founded, were negotiable all at once.

We come to immorality - immorality, the - noun, feminine

"These channels, which are teeming with lies, insults, attacks on personal rights and character assassinations, must be regulated," said Erdogan in a video link with representatives of his AKP party.

It's that time again. A man sees red! Erdogan the Magnificent wants to take action against immorality and control and regulate social media more closely. "[...] such social media channels are completely abolished and controlled." Original sound Erdogan.

"The social media channels completely abolished?"

Erdogan's government had already blocked Twitter and YouTube in 2014 after sound recordings were published there that suggested that Erdogan and other members of the government were involved in a corruption scandal. A rumor has been going around for weeks that very delicate things are to be brought into the public again. It will soon become clear whether this is the reason for his action.

I think that if he actually takes this step and blocks social media, irreparable damage, which in the (almost) non-existent trust in Turkey, could also result for the economy. You don't invest in one-man regimes and whoever comes along and comes up with such decisions scares those who say ‘maybe’.