How do I save music in iCloud

Apple Music: How to sync music via iCloud

You can listen to them offline, play them via AirPlay, play them back on the Apple TV or even transfer them to the Apple Watch to enjoy them while jogging. So that you have the same music selection everywhere, Apple has integrated a function in the music service that synchronizes your personal music catalog across all devices.

Find music by syncing

Apple allows you to synchronize your entire music library across all devices in just a few simple steps if you are logged in there with the same Apple ID. We would like to show you how you can activate the function quickly for Mac and iOS devices.

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Apple Music: Activate iCloud Library on iOS

As always, Apple has not placed settings and functions directly in the music app, but "hides" them in the settings. So open it and then scroll down until you see the entry "Music". Tap it. Now drag the slider next to "iCloud Library" to the right to activate the feature. If you've already downloaded music to your iOS device, you may be asked if you want to keep it or add it to your iCloud library. We recommend that you merge the music so that no songs are lost.

Apple Music: Activate iCloud Library on Mac

If you want to keep your music in sync with your iOS devices on your Mac, this is also possible. To do this, open iTunes or, since macOS Catalina, the music app and then click on "iTunes" or "Music" in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Now select "Settings". Then click the “General” tab and check the “iCloud Media Center” or “Synchronize Media Center” tab. You can now exit the menu again by clicking on "OK". Depending on the version, other names may also be used.