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2 »YOU HAVE TO RELY ON INNOVATION AND PEOPLE!« FERDINAND VON STEINBEIS () Dear Readers, In a globally networked and continuously changing world, innovation is the linchpin for successful entrepreneurial activity. Innovations do not only mean large, widely visible changes, and especially on a small scale, every company must continuously remain innovative in order to be able to ensure long-term corporate success. However, this is only possible with innovatively thinking and competent employees who carefully walk through the company and take on the problems and challenges that they come across. SIBE has set itself the task of participating in their formation. As the international Business & Law School of the Steinbeis University of Applied Sciences Berlin, we - teachers, employees and managers of the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) want to enable our graduates to be very successful with our degree programs by having a creative personality in are able to realize value-adding and sustainable benefits in companies and organizations. We are very proud of our alumni, who have not only advanced their own careers by developing their own talents, personal and company-related skills through the SIBE degree, but have also enriched their partner companies and made them a lot more innovative. But read for yourself what alumni and company representatives say about our studies. Werner G. Faix & Stefanie Kisgen CEO / Managing Partner of the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE)

3 1 ABOUT SIBE SINCE 1994 MANAGEMENT MASTERS PROGRAMS SINCE 2003 WITH DOCTORAL RIGHTS SINCE 2015 FIBAA PREMIUM ACCREDITATION OVER 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE 600 STUDENT GRADUATES Ferdinand von Steinbeis () was already in the 19th century with a great deal of ingenuity in promoting innovations and improvements in industry. He tirelessly urged people to invest in the qualifications of their employees and created one of the most modern training systems in the country. The duality of theory and practice in training is largely based on the way Steinbeis thinks and works. The SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP (SIBE) is the international business & law school of the Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB) based in Herrenberg and is headed by SIBE founder Prof. Dr. Werner G. Faix together with Stefanie Kisgen. SIBE stands for successful knowledge transfer and systematic competence building between science and industry. It is focused on companies, organizations and public administrations and on competent, entrepreneurially globally thinking and acting high potentials. With master’s programs since 1994, currently approx. 600 students, successful graduates and more than 350 partner companies, SIBE is a competent partner for growth and globalization. 4 5

4 2 INTERNATIONAL SUCCESS With our partner universities in the target markets that are important for the German economy, we design international seminars and / or postgraduate programs for the targeted development of specialists and executives on site - we use “Think global, act local” to be internationally successful around. SDA Bocconi School of Management Milan, Italy (Gediz University Izmir, Turkey (Polish Academy of Sciences (INE PAN) Warsaw, Poland (Lomonossov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation (RUSSIAN FEDERATION University of California San Diego, (UCSD Extension)) San Diego, USA ( USA Universidade Católica de Brasília Brasília, Brazil (Instituto Euvaldo Lodi (IEL), National Confederation of Industry Brasil (CNI) Brasília, Brazil (Post University, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA (University of Bern Institute for Management and Corporate Governance (IMU) Bern, Switzerland (BRAZIL Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Faculdade da Indústria (FDI) Curitiba, Brazil (TURKEY INDIA CHINA Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune, India (Tsinghua University Peking, China (Tongji University Shanghai, China (Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) Shenzh en, China ( Fundação Plural Rede Plural de Desenvolviment São Vicente, Brazil (Universidade Católica de Santos (UNISANTOS) Santos, Brazil (Instituto Mauá De Tecnologia (MAUA) São Paulo, Brazil (Escola Paulista da Magistratura (EPM) São Paulo, Brazil (SAMVIT School of Infrastructure Business Pune, India (Jagran Lakecity University (JLU), Bhopal, India (Learn-Edge New Delhi, India (Institute of Economics Polish Academy of Sciences 6 7

5 3 WIDE RANGE PRACTICE & MANAGEMENT IN FOCUS PROJECT TOPICS ETC. FROM THE FOLLOWING AREAS: ACCOUNTING & FINANCE BUSINESS STRATEGY COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING CONTROLLING ENGINEERING HUMAN RESOURCES INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LOGISTICS MARKETING PROJECT MANAGEMENT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT SALES SOURCING ETC. Studying at SIBE means “drilling thick boards”. The projects that the students work on as part of their studies are real business challenges that are waiting to be solved. Supported by the course content and the mentors at SIBE and in the company, the students take on this task as part of their Project Competence Studies (PKS). For them, this often means jumping into the deep end with all the uncertainties and the associated stressful phases. But it is only through confrontation with entrepreneurial reality that students grow beyond themselves during their studies and try out their own solutions directly in practice. This approach not only has a lasting learning effect, but is also a catalyst for the development of one's own skills and, last but not least, also brings real, measurable corporate success. This makes the PKS a win-win situation for students and companies. FULL-TIME IN THE COMPANY, FULL-TIME IN PRACTICE TRANSFER! THROUGH THE VOCATIONAL-INTEGRATED STUDIES, THE LEARNED WILL BE IMPLEMENTED DIRECTLY INTO ENTREPRENEURIAL PRACTICE. BOTH THE STUDENTS AND THE RESPECTIVE PARTNER COMPANIES BENEFIT FROM THIS. 8 9

6 4 QUALITY THAT SIGNS FIBAA PREMIUM SEAL FOR EXCELLENT DEGREE PROGRAM QUALITY AND STATE RECOGNITION: THE SIBE PROGRAMS ARE THEREFORE ONE OF THE 2% OF THE BEST MASTERS DEGREE PROGRAMS ACCREDITED BY FIBAA. ABOUT APPLICATIONS ANNUAL WINNER OF GLOBAL BUSINESS EDUCATION AWARDS 2012 IN THE CATEGORIES BEST EXECUTIVE EDUCATION PROGRAMS, EUROPE AND MOST INNOVATIVE BUSINESS SCHOOL, GERMANY The Project Competence Studies (PKS) at SIBE goes one step further than normal dual study programs: The students complete in one Companies one or more innovation project (s), develop options for action and implement them directly in business practice an "open-heart operation" instead of leisurely case studies. By working intensively on the challenging, innovative and open-ended projects, you create knowledge and develop your own skills. This form of teaching and learning not only convinces companies and students with the FIBAA premium seal for the Master of Arts in General Management and Master of Science in International Management programs, these programs are among the 2% of the best Master’s programs accredited by FIBAA were. In addition, we were recognized in two categories at the Global Business Education Awards 2012: Best Executive Education Program, Europe Most Innovative Business School, Germany 10 11

7 5 DURING STUDIES: INTERDISCIPLINARITY AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Composition of the courses completed in 2014: MASTER PROGRAMS FOR YOUNG ACADEMICIANS without professional experience 2 60% 60% Economics 16% 2 Social sciences and humanities STEM sciences 16% 52% 48% 6% MBA IN GENERAL MANAGEMENT with professional experience Currently 52% women and 48% men study at SIBE, this ratio is reflected in our alumni. 37%% Economics Social sciences and humanities 37% STEM sciences 6% Law A central point of the study programs at SIBE is their interdisciplinarity and diversity. Since innovations are largely based on breaking through familiar patterns and the proverbial »thinking outside the box«, this heterogeneity of the students is at the same time an important key to success. 13% 12 13

8 5 DURING THE STUDIES: INTERDISCIPLINARITY AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION WITH NAME COMPANIES: BUSINESS MENTOR = Supervisor of the students in the company 80% 78% of the business mentors look after their protégés between one and 10 hours per month, the business mentors supervise their master’s thesis Personal protégés “By working directly on the company project, the students sometimes reach their own limits, but it is precisely these moments of“ emotional instability ”that serve the development of competencies the most. Once overcome, they emerge strengthened from what you can see on the graduates! «Prof. Dr. John Erpenbeck Professor for Competence Management at SIBE 14 15

9 6 AFTER STUDIES: SUCCESSFUL CAREER START EURO AVERAGE SALARY AFTER 3 YEARS $ CAREER ENTRY AFTER SIBE DEGREE 61% Takeover offer accepted / employed before graduation 17% Other offer at graduation 22% New employment after graduation Today our alumni are in the Management or on the board of Bertrandt AG, SAP AG or Flint Group Germany. The number of company founders is also above average at 7%. 22% 17% 61% 7% 55% of the alumni have founded a company in the three years after graduation. The alumni have personnel responsibility three years after graduation n = 501 n =

10 6 AFTER THE STUDIES: SUCCESSFUL CAREER START AREA OF ACTIVITY AFTER THE STUDIES: "IT'S NICE TO SUPPORT THE DEVELOPMENT OF YOUNG TALENTS SO INTENSE" 20%) and HR (16%), followed by Marketing / CRM / PR and Strategy (11% each), Consulting (9%) and Corporate Management (8%). The areas of finance (5%), production, logistics, IT, purchasing (each) as well as R&D (3%) and communication (1%) are low. Measured by the first degrees and project topics, it is noticeable that 20% 3% 1% 5% of the students develop from the more technical 3% areas during or after their studies into more strategic, management-oriented 8% areas. 1% The majority of alumni (57%) work in corporations with more than 1,000 employees, 17% are employed by employers with up to 500 employees and 26% by smaller companies with up to 500 employees. 11% 11% 9% 16% 5% 9% 20% 11% 11% 20% - Sales - Production 16% - HR 11% - Strategy 16% 8% - Management 11% - Marketing / CRM / PR - Logistics - IT 3% - R&D 8% 1% - Communication 5% - Finance - Purchasing 9% - Consulting 20% ​​- 8%% - 16% - 11%

11 6 AFTER STUDY: A SUCCESSFUL CAREER START GOING GLOBAL - THE INTERNATIONAL ALUMNI SURVEY RESULTS (2013) 51% 30% 95% of the international alumni are still working in their German project company. started their own company. of the international alumni rate the SIBE degree as helpful or very helpful. All international alumni work in management positions. Over 50% have between 3 and 95 employees. > 60% 50% of the international alumni work in the manufacturing industry (mechanical engineering, automotive, chemistry, etc.) work in Marketing & Sales »THROUGH THE MBA PROGRAM AT SIBE, I LEARNED HOW TO BETTER MANAGE MYSELF, DEFINE MY INTERESTS AND HOW TO DEVELOP AND LEAD OTHERS. «BETTINA GUI, MBA VICE GENERAL MANAGER SOEHNER TECHNOLOGY (SUZHOU) CO. LTD. Not only in the courses in Germany, SIBE successfully trains young academics to become future specialists and young (managerial) employees, also internationally, many courses have already been successfully completed in cooperation with our partner universities in India, Brazil and China. As part of the “Going Global The International Alumni Survey” study, these alumni were also asked about their current position and their experiences with the SIBE Management Master's degree

12 7 POSITIVE CONCLUSIONS FROM ALL SITES 80% 93% of the alumni stated that the personal development during their studies had a strong or very strong influence on their professional advancement. of the alumni rate the project competence course (PKS) as good to very good. BUSINESS MENTOR 96% 97% of the business mentors are satisfied to very satisfied with the SIBE study program. of the business mentors are satisfied to very satisfied with the support in day-to-day business. The résumé of the alumni on the course is very positive overall: 70% of the students state that the course promoted their professional development strongly to very strongly. 93% rate the PKS as good to very good. The conclusion of the supervising business mentors in the companies on the SIBE PKS is also very positive: 96% are satisfied to very satisfied with the SIBE study program. This not only affects the study programs themselves, but also the performance of the students. The support in day-to-day business (97%), the work on the project (95%) and the development of practical skills (9) were emphasized. 95% 9 of the business mentors are satisfied to very satisfied with their work on the project. of the business mentors are satisfied to very satisfied with the development of practical skills. n = 501 n =

13 Image sources: Cover: p. 2 3, 10 11, 16 17, back: SIBE p. 4-5: »MANn mut Buch« / p. 6-7: »weltreise« / p. 8-9: weerapat1003 / Fotolia. com S: »A rocky road« / photocase S: ​​»airy shops« / S: »we have the cup!« / S: »there's so much to see« / S: Contact us: Patricia Mezger, MBA Director SAPHIR Marketing & Communications / Berlin site management Tel: +49 (0) The figures used in the report come from the following surveys and studies: SIBE graduate survey 2014 & 2015 (cumulative) SIBE business mentor survey 2013 & 2014 (cumulative) Going Global The International Alumni Survey